A Home for Our Miracle Son - Zack

A Home for Our Miracle Son - Zack

From Alison Wimmer

Our son, a miracle, is ready to find a home. He knows God gave him continued life and that he is here for a reason. Zack needs you because he cannot do it on his own. Please consider helping him today.

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Our son Zack was in a multiple car accident – a head-on collision - in February of 2019 in Midland, TX. It was the most devastating day of our lives. Zack was wearing his seatbelt...he was not on his phone...he does not use alcohol or drugs...this was an accident, a very sad, very bad accident. 

The doctors at Midland Memorial Hospital we’re giving us a “slim to none” chance of him surviving. Both of his lungs collapsed, he suffered severe brain trauma, fractured several ribs, burst fractures down his spine, nerve damage in his right shoulder.  He broke his neck at C2, and hips, femur, tibia, and fibula in both legs, one of his ankles were also shattered. 

Worst of all was the “darkening of the brainstem” that doctors told us was irreversible. He had an anoxic brain injury, Diffuse Axonal Injury, and was in Neurogenic Shock.  The critical care team quickly removed his ruptured spleen and said that nothing else could be done for him and that at any moment he would die. They told us we needed to gather the family in to say goodbye. This was Wednesday, February 20th.  They didn't expect him to live a day, then two...then three...his will to live was obvious! With lots of prayers and his will alone, we knew we could save him.  We made arrangements to get him to a Level One Trauma center and by Saturday his case was accepted at the University Medical Center in Lubbock, TX, almost two hours from home. UMC was our best chance and while the transport was difficult and risky, Zack made it! Upon arrival, he was admitted into their trauma and surgical intensive care unit where he remained for several weeks.  They did each surgery separately to put pins, plates, and screws. They fused his broken neck and rebuilt his ankle.  

His lungs gave out, he fevered, but when they pulled him out of his coma each day for a short time, he would smile, respond to all of us, and even gave us a thumbs up.  He continued to exceed the expectations of his medical team and once he was safely out of his coma, and stable enough, he was transferred to their intermediate care unit. He was never alone, unless being operated on.  We knew he was going to make it. Over a month at UMC and Zack had all of the urgent surgical procedures and he was well enough to be transferred to a physical rehabilitation facility in Midland, TX. Through the love of our family, friends, and complete strangers we raised the $10,000 they required for us to pay before he arrived.  This covered only his first three days.  Zack had so much trauma from the ventilator, trach, and the emergency procedures they had to do to keep his airways open, he had to relearn to eat and swallow.  His right arm was supposed to be paralyzed, but he could move his fingers, so we kept him working on his arm through Occupational therapy there.  His legs had been so crushed with the impact, he could not bear weight on them, but the Physical therapy team worked hard to keep them strong.   We could not continue to stay at the rehabilitation center as the cost was several thousand dollars a day. 

His wife could not accept Zack with all of his needs and care.  In June of 2020, his divorce was finalized, he was able to finally get his personal effects back.  He left his wife the car and everything they had acquired in their marriage.  “Things are just things; it is people that matter”.  After his last surgery in October 2020, he was bed-bound again.  Physical Therapy treatments at 100 dollars each were difficult to fathom…but Zack had another plan. 

 Fast forward, to two years post-accident and he is doing well.  He uses his monthly $1002 SSDI (his only income) to pay for a trainer 2 days a week, his Gym membership, and the rest of his expenses.   Though he is still in tremendous pain daily, he is looking forward to starting his new life, on his own.  He has made a GREAT improvement, has a wonderful outlook, and knows he still has a long road to recovery. There is little to no difficulty with him neurologically which is a miracle in itself.  

We have depleted our finances in assisting Zack to get to where he is now.  We need to reach out to others, people who want to help give him a gift of a home for his future.  A donation, something small, every penny helps.  Our son, the miracle, is ready to “fly the nest”.  He knows God gave him continued life and that he is here for a reason.  Zack needs you because he cannot do it on his own.  Please consider helping him today.  Let’s make his dreams come true. Please help our family help Zack.  Please.

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