A hidden treasure plain in sight

A hidden treasure plain in sight

From Crystal Holley

I'm seeking opportunity, many are excluded from this by not being born into wealth and influence or it becomes fleeting because by the time people know what they're passionate about the ride is almost over.

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         But back to what I was saying initially. I am here seeking a chance to share my quirk with the world and if not the world then some awesome inter web people, as long as there's minimum 5 acolytes and a pool boy in some sort of ridiculously bedazzled banana hammock to play lifeguard while I'm relaxing in my kiddie pool, everything will be gravy! But jokes aside for a moment, I know you're probably looking at my page with the same level of bewilderment as a golden retriever. Who am I? what makes me worthy of your support?

That's the thing, it is because I am average It's the fact that I do need help to reach my financial goals. I'm not saying affluent or wealthy aren't human beings too, but with some of the things so called celebrities' do to "make a statement in the name of fashion"  it honestly makes me wonder how far fetched some of these conspiracy theories are! Moving along now and quicky, there was a point there, promise!

I am still a human being and I want to share my humanity with you, my dreams, my version of beautiful. I want to share all facets of what makes up me. Dealing with anxiety and depression, I swore I wouldn't let fear of the unknown be part of any reason I didn't try. I got the unfair hand of dealing with chronic pain at the ripe old age of 28. So not only do I have my own mental prisons I now have a physical one as well and being a very active person this experience was akin to being trapped in someone else's body. I still want to make the best of each day I am given and that's where you come in. To be successful you need the tools of the trade. I made my goal a little higher than I initially wanted to as the increase will accommodate a more ortho friendly desk and chair as I know I will be spending long hours in both, learned that the hard way when I was in art school.

Drawing has always been my everything. My outlet. But like most achievements once you reach them it's good to have more goals to keep you motivated and for me that equates to staying out of my own head and actually sitting up instead of laying down which can make things  more intense.

We are all struggling and I'm not asking for you to give me the world on a silver platter, just a little bit of foundation so I can start building. You pile enough wet sand you can make a sand castle, you apply enough pressure you can turn coal into a diamond. As cliché' as it sounds but I am not only being driven by my love of art and a sense of community, I plan on helping my husband build his foundation for veterans. You may think that they're a dime a dozen but you'd be surprised how many catch 22s come with those supposed services. Just an example so you don't think I'm hating on the VA for no reason. Yeah, way off topic. 

But right before the pandemic we were facing being homeless, husband is 100% disability so because of that he 'makes too much' and we don't qualify for shelter assistance. But once we lost everything (thankfully, it didn't come to that) they could give us a hotel voucher for a few days. Or even their own info for any type of out reach is so out dated the numbers they give you are either disconnected or they run you in circles. It was horrible, especially when we first moved here. But our kids also feel the effects of corruption too, we had to stop utilizing the veteran Christmas toy drives because someone's family knew someone who works the toy drive so instead of the veteran's families taking priority like it was supposed to be my kids had to watch civilian kids walk out with bikes and game consoles while they got the left over puzzles and velvet coloring posters. Full disclaimer: there is NOTHING wrong with being a civilian but don't take over a toy drive that was meant to prioritize veteran families, especially since I know it's the kids that suffer. Please, don't take what I said out of context. I was just trying to give examples.

But full circle, if you back me you'll be backing more than just myself and for that you have my respect! Thank you for taking the time to read my novel.      **Please note the drawings aren't completely finished but most have their permanent lines** 

And above all, take care of yourself, you may not like yourself but just by being here I like you already! 

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