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What is it a perception puzzle?

A puzzle for kids is a 3D printed object that has several pieces which puzzle the child until he or she figures out how to fit all of the pieces together. This makes it possible to create personalized puzzles with text, shapes, and logos on them.

Perception puzzles are designed to help children with their understanding of reality. It's a tool that is used by a kid to be able to further understand what he believes in. The purpose of the puzzle’s design is to encourage one's self-reflective capacity and promote intelligence.

How do perception puzzles help kids?

Puzzles for kids are fun, stimulating and they can help kids develop problem-solving skills. When the child starts to put the pieces together, he or she will need to think about how to place each piece. This is an important developmental step in a child's life since it stimulates fine motoric skills, shape recognition, and logical thinking.

Puzzles for different ages: Kids Puzzles for All occasion

Puzzles for kids of all ages Depending on the age and experience of your child, we have puzzles for different purposes:

Puzzles for babies and toddlers

§  When do I need baby perception puzzles? If you want to keep your baby busy and teach him or her shapes and colors at the same time, this is the right choice.

First puzzles for kids

§  When do I need a first puzzle for my kid? This is the perfect type of puzzle to teach your child how to spell his or her name and/or any other text. You can also choose from one of our letters or numbers puzzles.

Puzzles for older kids

§  When do I need a puzzle for older kids? A puzzle of this type is perfect for teaching basic math, geometry, and more advanced shapes to your child. You can also get puzzles with letters or numbers on them that are too small to be used by babies or toddlers.

Puzzle tips and tricks

§  If your kids are still struggling with basic shapes, you can find it fun through different puzzles for them. For example, you can get a square or circle-shaped puzzle so that they can practice basic shapes.

§  After the child has figured out how to fit the pieces together, he or she will be able to learn more advanced shapes.

Puzzle games to play with your children

§  When your child is starting to figure out how to use scissors, you can practice cutting the pieces apart without taking the puzzle apart. This is a fun game that will help your child learn more advanced skills than just putting puzzles together.

§  You can create a game out of any puzzle with just two people. For example, if you have a cube-shaped puzzle, you can put on some classical music and see who can fit the pieces together first.

§  If you have a square shaped puzzle, you can challenge yourself to solve one side of the square before your children solve theirs. This way, everyone will be able to try solving one side of the square so that they don't get bored!


Puzzles for kids are a great way to teach them new skills and help develop their minds. These tips will help you choose the right puzzle or game for your child's age group, too!

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