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We are raising funds for fertility treatments in hopes to have a baby after so many losses. Please support our campaign and help us spread the word. Thank you so much!

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As a man and a husband, there is nothing more painful than watching your partner and best friend suffer from physical, mental, and emotional pain and feeling hopeless because you cannot make the agony go away.

You see, our story is almost too good to be true.  Aksana and I come from two different continents, yet our upbringing and culture background are quite similar. We both grew up in a farm-like environment. We had no commodities, but we were rich in family values and shared a desire for higher education, which led us to this country.

When I met my wife Aksana, she shared her life story. I found out that she had no one in this country as she immigrated from Belarus on her own. I instantly was attracted to her fighting spirit and caring personality. Our love for music and dancing brought us together. This was over nine (9) years ago, and this is where our story began in our desire to create life representing our love for each other.

A year after getting married, we found out that we were expecting. That particular day is ingrained in our minds as we both cried of joy and happiness.  However, our hopes and dreams quickly turned into agony and grief. I was busy at work and missed the phone calls from Aksana. I checked my voicemail, only to find out that my wife was going into the hospital emergency room. In a panic, I rushed to the hospital and was informed by the hospital personnel that Aksana was in surgery and I was told nothing else. Our doctor finally came out from the surgery room to let me know my wife was stable, but our baby didn’t make it.  My wife almost died from an ectopic pregnancy. I had no idea what this was, now I am fully aware as we have gone through a couple of these. The doctor told me that the baby was growing in my wife’s fallopian tube. As a result, our doctor had to operate to remove the baby as Aksana began to bleed internally, which could have become fatal to her life. I was completely heartbroken to see my wife in shambles after waking up from the surgery. We cried non-stop and held on to each other for comfort. This incident marked the beginning of our struggles for the next few years in our efforts to have a baby.

Since our first loss in 2014, we have lost four (4) more additional pregnancies, and Aksana has gone through a number of hospital visits and several hospital procedures. Yet, despite our challenges, we are quite resilient and optimistic. I wish I could heal the tremendous physical and emotional pain and emptiness she carries with her. We have gone to countless therapy meetings and dealt with various infertility doctors. The emotional toll is unmeasurable. The financial burden has also been terrible. I see firsthand how my wife suffers in silence feeling impotent knowing that she would be an amazing mother for all the love she can give, being a genuine beautiful person. I love Aksana tremendously and would give up my life for her without hesitation. She is turning forty (40) years old this year, (disclaimer: I hope I am still breathing after you read this for disclosing her age). I would like for her, for us, to have an opportunity to have a baby and with your support I’m confident we can make it happen.

The financial hurdles are quite drastic, we have exhausted all our life savings and we are hopeful that with your support, we can make this dream come true. We are not ready to give up just yet. At this point, our only chance to have a baby is through doing a few rounds of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Our doctor is optimistic for a positive outcome. However, the cost for IVF is enormous! And unfortunately, our medical insurances don't cover fertility treatments. Although we both have stable jobs, we cannot afford to pay IVF without your help. 

So, that is why I’m reaching out to you.

Both of us are very private individuals, but I decided to share our personal story in hopes that you can help me give my wife, the gift of life, to have a baby.  I truly hope that with your donations, my wife and I can share stories and photos of our future miracle(s).

Among women that know they are pregnant, one in eight will result in a miscarriage. Sadly, infertility and pregnancy loss are still taboo in our society and so this kind of loss is often felt in secret. If you are unable to donate, perhaps you can help in some way to make this less painful by making it less private. Share your stories, open the door, and talk about these things.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read our story. May this give other couples strength and the courage to continue pursuing their dreams and not giving up as the world is full of amazing, caring, and supportive people.

Much love,

Miguel Munoz

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