A detailed information on the Describe image of the PTE exam

A detailed information on the Describe image of the PTE exam

From Ayesha Kayani

A detailed information on the Describe image of the PTE exam

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image of the PTE Exam:

There are 4 sections in the PTE exam. These are Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. Under the Speaking section, there are a few tasks that test your speaking skill. Describe Image is one of them. This blog will give you detailed information related to this task.

This is a list of PTE Describe Image practice charts that you should practice speaking:

  • Flowchart

  • Table

  • Line Graph

  • Bar Graph

  • Process/ Cycle Chart

  • Pie – Chart

  • Picture

  • Map

  • Demographic Graph

  • Venn Diagram

To get acquainted to these graphs take PTE practice scored test that is available online.

Tips and Tricks to Describe Image Task

  • When an image appears on the screen, take a few seconds to understand it. You usually get around 25 seconds before you start speaking about the image. Make sure to utilize this time to thoroughly understand the image and recognize the important things about it. 

  • After you hear a short tone, start speaking on the important points for a minimum of 30 seconds and leave the last 10 seconds to make your conclusion. If you start speaking before the tone, then the microphone is locked so whatever you have spoken will not be recorded in the PTE practice scored test

  • When you are speaking, you should not stop or make a long pause. You should be fluent while speaking and your pronunciation should be very clear. If you are unsure of how to pronounce a certain word, then skip it otherwise you will lose points for both content and pronunciation. 

  • You will be able to record your response only once so keep that in mind and frame your answer smartly.

  • Make sure you attempt this section because you will get partial marks for speaking something relevant to the image. 

  • No response or irrelevant response will get you a straight 0.

  • Try to use these tricks while giving PTE practice scored test and evaluate your score.

Method to describe the image

Keep these 3 points in mind while framing your answer for this task:

  • Title, axis

To identify the title ask yourself “What is the main idea of the image?”  and describe what is on each axis.

  • Three main features

Talk about the three most important points about the image. Organize your answer so you can score more points in PTE practice scored test. Cover highest – lowest, minimum – maximum, increase – decrease, etc given in the image. 

Keep it short so you have time left for the conclusion part.  You do not need to use the same words that are given in the image. 

  • Conclusion

Make a strong conclusion so you can score more points.

Make a habit of using this method while solving this task during PTE practice scored test.

Scoring Criteria of this task

The response of this task is based on three main criteria:

  • Content

Your response should describe the image accurately. If you have covered all the important points of the image while framing your response then you get good points. 

The best kind of response typically includes logical and specific information, developments and conclusion.  Whatever you speak should be inter-related if you give some vague ideas your response will be negatively scored.

  • Fluency in Speaking

You should speak in a natural flow and effortlessly. You should avoid long pauses and give stress on the words correctly. 

A best response contains appropriate phrases. Avoid repeating and hesitating as that will be negatively scored in the PTE practice scored test.

  • Pronunciation

Your pronunciation also plays an important role in scoring. If your speech is easily understandable then you can get a good score.

A best response will have proper usage of vowels, the proper pronunciation of words and the proper pauses on punctuations.

When you take a PTE practice scored test, your score is evaluated based on these criteria.

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