A chance at life, and stability.

A chance at life, and stability.

From Dan Prendergast

I am using fundly, to save my family, our home, and my fathers life. I work 2 jobs, and have just started my own ebay business. I am currently working 80 hours a week combined and its still not enough. Please I need help

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My Name is Daniel Prendergast, I am 29 years old, and I'm from West Norriton, PA, born and raised. As a child, I was very small and quiet for my age. I grew up in a poverty stricken, neighborhood, where i was, physically and mentally abused, almost daily. I had no supervision, and nobody to look up to or guide me in life, which had its ups and downs. My parents went through a very taxing divorce, when I was just 7 years old. My father was a very angry, mean, and selfish man, who was only concerned about his well being. So he left us and went on his own, only living for his drug and gambling addiction. My mother, who was devastated, became distraught, and desperate to find a pay the bills and wanting to find her significant other, overworked herself, and was more concerned with money, love, and spending time with men, than help raise us kids, and give us much needed, guidance and support. My 2 younger sisters and I were stuck raising ourselves, when I was only 9 years old, my sister Kellie was 6, and my youngest sister melissa was 4. I did whatever I felt, so i started skipping school, hanging out with a really bad and older crowd, while my sisters were at home by themselves, even late at night. We were all fending for ourselves basically. It was extremely hard on me, I was getting into trouble, in and out of school, and living my own life, at way too young of an age. I'm not gonna go through my whole life so, long story short, life was very rough growing up and it took me a long time to forgive everyone who has wronged my sisters and I as children, including my parents. When I was 19 years old, I lost the love of my life, my soul mate, my best friend, Amanda Nicole, to a fatal car accident. I am still recovering 10 years late. I always thought it was my fault, and that I could of prevented it, but I learned you cant think this way, because everything that happens, happens because its supposed to. That is gods plan, and we have no control over these things. I was confused, angry,  depressed and regretful for a long time, before I realized this. I sat in my own misery for years, not caring about anyone's life, including my own. I was not living healthily, I was reckless, and careless. My father who is now 68 years old,  was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year, and also has a ton of other health issues, that are really taking a toll on his health. I was working approximately 60- 70 hours a week, combined with my 2 jobs and I was running my own soft pretzel business, just to pay the mortgage, hospital bills, my own personal bills, and utility bills. I have just recently had to give up my business due to lack of compensation, and profit margin just disappeared, because demand was lost and people were stealing from me, and i was oblivious to all of this because I was already working 2 jobs to stay a float. A few weeks ago, I started my own Ebay business, just selling random items and personal possessions, that I had laying around the house, to make enough money to keep our home. Its starting slow but now that I am working 2 jobs and the ebay business, I am totaling around 80-90 hours a week of pure focus and determination, to pay the bills. The Ebay business is what inspired me to write this Antique and Collectibles, guide to buying and selling successfully, because of a few Apps I down loaded, to help me achieve my dreams of taking care of my family, were absolutely terrible and full of advertisements. One Antique guide, App i tried to download, was listed as a free app, and when i went to down load it, I found it wasnt free, and that they lied about it, with false advertising. After doing further research, I found that all of this topics, related Applications, are all horrible and a sham. They lie, and are full of advertisements. This is when I said to my self, this is whats gonna help me make it some where I need to be, by creating an app that is very in depth, and a benchmark, for all other apps to follow. I need funding to help buy me time, to actually write the app and focus on it. I do not have any extra time, as you read above, to do this, but with everyones help from fundly, I can achieve this goal. Not because I want to but because I need to. If you read this entirely, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day, to read about my situation and idea, from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate any help, suggestions, questions, or comments. Please fell free to contact me, through email or ebay. Have a great day.

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