A need for a 2nd car for my medical health/appointments

A need for a 2nd car for my medical health/appointments

From Karen M. Dean

Hello everyone, My name is Karen. I am asking for donations for this car, to help my family, and myself. But.... Mostly me. My Neuro Dr finally cleared me to drive a few months ago. But no way to drive right now. No ...

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This is my car on hold

2006, Mitsubishi eclipse GT, with upgrades. Great transmission, great engine, low miles for iits year. 

Many years ago 27 to be exact, I came down with a feminine, genetic disease, called endometriosis. have had 3 laprascopic surgeries, a botched hysterectomy 4 days from being 24,  then a second hysterectomy to fix what was wrong from the first one. My life has been about my body controlling me, being bed ridden especially when it's above 74 outside.

In 2016 I began to have seizures, my neurologist found a growth on the front right lobe of my brain (another genetic disease) but the seizures were nocturnal only, my seizures were controlled, so in 2017 I decided to go back to cosmetics school, the endometriosis stopped me the first time. A few months after beginning back in cosmetology School, I fell hit my head and got knocked out in a hotel shower. I had a pretty good concussion, I was still able to go to school, but not drive. two weeks later when the concussion wore off I was talking with a friend outside and all the sudden I couldn't move, I couldn't talk, I could see, I could hear and I could feel. That was the first day, those were once a week every week and then sometimes in between, where many times I had one at school and had to be taken out by ambulance. so I had to leave school again for the seizures this time.

I do not plan to let those last three times stop me. I have just enough hours to graduate I only have a couple classes to finish and with my car I can restart my life and hope to live it the way I should. at least have these two dreams and work very hard towards accomplishing it keeping it and taking care of it. life has not been very easy or bearable for me or my family the endometriosis and the seizures ricochet off to everyone around me and sometimes it would be nice to have the freedom to be able to take care of myself, my medical health, and my family without having to pay for a ride or ask and wait forever to be picked up, as my body is still unpredictable when it comes to pain and the endometriosis. Finally About 4 months ago I got permission to drive again!! Yey. Lately I'm having more and more appointments, soon another surgery for the endometriosis that won't go away. This car means many different things for me including some freedom, from all this pain that is on a daily basis., and some days are too painful to even roll out of bed, getting to all my medical appointments, especially that the endometriosis has returned, started to stop me in my tracks again. Time for surgery, again. Will Help me get my family around, as I cannot work, my husband works two jobs, and is rarely home. Also this will give me something to look forward to on my good days. Will always help me keep a positive mind through it all. And I can take my time to learn how to do all my own work and upgrades. No mechanics for me. Hehe.

Thank you everyone


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