A Beginner’s Guide to set up a Garden Marquee

A Beginner’s Guide to set up a Garden Marquee

From Nicky Bella

Did you know that you can transform your humble backyard or the front porch into a magical party space?

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Did you know that you can transform your humble backyard or the front porch into a magical party space? Whether you’re meeting your family after a long time, or planning a college reunion, throwing a house party is the best way to create a welcoming and homely ambiance for your near and dear ones. And a backyard garden party marquee is your best friend to creating awesome parties despite Australia’s notorious weather.

We’ve compiled this handy guide for you so that you can follow these steps and set up a garden marquee for your next party or outdoor barbecue.

Can I fit a marquee in my garden?

The first question that pops up in mind when you discuss backdoor parties is can your garden and patio have a marquee event? If yes, how do you go about it?

Well, contrary to popular opinion, marquee tents are not always bigger, wider, and used for large-scale events. Modern marquees can be used for hosting parties and events of all sizes and for a variety of occasions. They are ideal for houses with smaller gardens and backyards too because they’re waterproof and can be heated during winters.

What are the benefits of using a garden party marquee?

Whether you’re just going to use your tent to cover the bar area or want to keep it as a backup during rough weather, the benefits that marquees provide surpass those that you’d find inside your house, or at a walled event venue.

a.They’re flexible

Marquees are modular structures and come in quite handy when you want to accommodate large gatherings. They allow for a lot of customisations; lighting and flooring to name a few, and you can add temporary partitions to create spaces that enhance the elegance of a marquee. They can also be set up as extensions to your house, so that you seamlessly bring the indoors outside.

b.They offer the best of both indoors and outdoors

Imagine the whiff of burgers and hot-dogs wafting through the air on a balmy summer day while you chill with a beer inside a marquee, reminiscing the old times with your best friend while your kids chase each other around, making the most of their summer holidays.

Or how about you enjoy the first snow on Christmas as your family gathers around the bonfire to share scary stories over roasted marshmallows?

You can do all of this and more, inside a humble garden marquee!


Tired of nosy neighbours? Or unannounced guests ruining the party vibes? Just get a walled garden marquee and party in peace.

d.Cost effective

Even smaller events cost a fortune if you include the reservation, catering, electricity, decoration, and other miscellaneous expenses. However, buying a garden marquee is a one-time investment that reaps you unlimited returns. After you purchase one for your garden, all you need to do is make the necessary arrangements for food and drinks. That’s all! No maintenance fees required whatsoever.

 What size event tent do I need?

Most marquees can easily accommodate around 50 to 60 guests including seating and tables. However, to get a better idea, consider the following:

a.The purpose of your marquee

b.The exact number of guests you’re expecting

c.Bar, dance, furnishing, and storage areas (if any)

A 6-m (20 feet wide) wide marquee can be extended to any length in multiples of 3. This length is most suitable for private events such as children’s birthday parties, backyard barbeques, and religious celebrations like christenings.


A 9-m (30 feet wide) wide marquee can be extended to any length in multiples of 3 and can be used for medium to large scale events such as weddings, corporate days, festivals, bigger garden parties, and receptions.

Here are the seating and standing guest plans for both 6 and 9 metre marquees so that you get a better idea.*

·  These are approximations, accurate projections can be made upon site visit only.

This size chart does not include other deciding factors such as buffet space, catering tables, bar units, dance floor, staging etc.

Where do I place my marquee?

Location of a marquee is another important factor to take into account. If you only need a marquee to cover the drinks area, then you can be as flexible as you want. However, if you have a larger marquee, you need to carefully plan its installation to ensure electricity and power sources as well as per the convenience of your guests.

Here are some ideas you can consider:

1.Marquees can be a good addition over swimming pools. You can organise a pool party to beat the heat or cover the pool with flooring for a get together during the holidays. Plus, you can take advantage of the pool house to ensure a steady electrical supply to power the lighting, entertainment units, and kitchen appliances.

2.You can convert tennis courts into fantastic event spaces. The advantage is that the ground is level and wide enough to hold 250 guests for a formal dancing and dining. Not just this, you can also cover the catering zone inside the marquee at a tennis court.

3.For slopes and tiered surfaces, you can use marquee legs with varied heights to create an even flooring upon which to pitch the marquee.

What type of marquee surface do I need?

While a slight slope is not an issue, the flatter a surface is, the better. Grass is the easiest to pitch a marquee in, while concrete is the hardest. For a hard, cemented surface, you would require pin holes to be drilled in to erect the marquee.

How to decorate a marquee?

Well, the best way to decorate a marquee is to create a theme for your event. This way, furnishing and accessorising a marquee would be a no-brainer.

If you want to stay on the minimalistic side, just use some fairy lights and a bunting to convert the insides into a magical fairyland. Or if you prefer nature, adorn the interiors with flowers, hanging ornaments, and bouquets.  

Can I use accessories inside my tent?

Yes, you can! Again, it depends on the theme of your party. You can go as subtle or as ornate as you desire. Some of the common accessories that our clients use include:

a.Marquee doors and glazing

b.Window walls

c.Interior lining



f. Bars

g.Dance floors

h.DJ space

i. Heating and air-conditioning units

Some tips to help make your marquee even better:

a.Australian weather is notoriously unpredictable. Even on the sunniest days, there’s no saying when it might start raining. Make sure to get a waterproof garden marquee that is resilient enough to withstand moderately rough weather.

b.If you’re hosting a day-time event, keep adequate air-conditioning provisions to provide guests respite from the midday sun and its harmful ultra-violet rays.

c.For evening parties, keep heaters handy.

d.The lighting inside a marquee must be perfect, neither over-lit, nor under-lit. Chandeliers are perfect for a mellow, elegant, and sophisticated touch, while fairy lights are easy to put up and provide decent lighting throughout.

Most of our customers are often surprised at how much space their backyard has for setting up a garden marquee. Though they appear smaller with their foliage and shrubbery, a marquee automatically creates a lot of space once it’s erected. Want to know how we do it? Talk to us. We’re available Australia-wide on 1300 850 832.

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