"Water is the Fundamental Right of Life!"

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Cemmur Islamic Foundation, which took action to find a solution to the clean water shortage in the African continent, continues its water well drilling projects in 2024. "Water is the Fundamental Right of Life!" The federation, which started with the slogan, has provided access to clean water to more than 2 million people by opening 1500 water wells so far.

Cost of Drilling a Water Well

The cost of drilling a water well in Africa was determined as 4,250 US Dollars for 2024. By donating this amount for the well drilling process, donors can bring hope to regions where clean water is an important need. The wells are drilled using the drilling method and put into use with a pump system.

How Can You Donate?

Philanthropists can contribute to water well projects by donating any amount they wish. Donations can be made online via our website, or by transfer to Cemmur Islamic Foundation's contracted bank accounts or by direct deposit to bank branches. By writing the name you want to give to the water well in the description section, your donation will be directed to the correct project.

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