9 Reasons Why Your Charity Website Needs an Explainer Video

9 Reasons Why Your Charity Website Needs an Explainer Video

From Faisal Khan

Giving back to society is very important, so many people donate occasionally.

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Giving to the charity you believe in can

also be rewarding, and millions of people give their money to charities helping vulnerable members of society and

suffering animals. The entire world has become digitalized, and so have charities.

Nowadays, almost all charities have active websites to share information and reach out to donors. Google has

algorithms, part of which is concerned with rankings of searches and monitoring the amount of time your visitors

spend on your website. Thanks to this, there has explosive growth in online videos, and even Red casino has a demo

to show players how to play different slots, etc.

Explainers are instrumental because they'll briefly let current and potential donors know about your charity. Here are

some reasons to incorporate explainer videos into your website and tell the world about your charity.

1. Increased web traffic

Since the launch of YouTube, the term "viral" has become commonplace. Videos that become viral seem to appear out

of nowhere, and suddenly, everyone seems to know about them, which can be great for a charity when you are trying

to raise funds for a particular project.

There is no definite procedure for videos to go viral, but you can develop a creative strategy to pass your message

across while capturing your audience's attention.

2. Higher Google search results rankings

Statistics show that monotonous websites do not fare well, regardless of the field. Websites with endless pages of text

in block format and images perform poorly in search rankings, translating to less exposure for the site. On the other

hand, statistics show that websites that contain videos enjoy a higher ranking in Google searches universally.

Potential donors desiring to quickly understand your cause are discouraged from doing so. Thus choosing to support

your charity becomes hard since understanding has become a hurdle. Explainer videos will ensure that their attention

is captured immediately.

3. Explainer videos help to grab the

audience's attention

Traditional website content is limited in increasing interest and curiosity for your product. Some charities overwhelm

their website pages with numerous pictures, eye-catching animations, and flashy fonts to boost reachability. This

achieves the opposite by confusing potential donors and slowing down the time it takes your web page to load.

It is better to channel your creative ideas into a video since it will engage your clients more and allow your website to

retain its clean appearance.

4. Allows charities to increase interest in

their cause

Nowadays, charities opt to use social signals to create awareness about their causes by using pictures, videos, and

other similar forms of media to spark interest in the products they are offering. Studies show that over half the world's

population watch videos online annually. It is a good indicator of how pivotal explainer videos can be for your charity

when used correctly.

5. Explainer videos allow you to

demonstrate your cause

The most important thing responsible for bringing more donors to your site over and over to support you is your

cause. Your donors need to match your charity to the cause easily. This way, they can develop trust in your charity

and the good you are doing in society since they can engage with you and see your track record online.

6. Easy to share

Every charitable organization wants to reach more donors to continue supporting and funding their cause. Thankfully,

you don't have to confine your videos to the site. You can upload them on free video-hosting sites and draw interest to

your clips using keywords.

One advantage of such sites is they are typically compatible with smartphones which isn't necessarily the case with

the website. People are more likely to come across videos of your charity working with people in the field than they

are to happen upon text from your site randomly.

7. They make your charity's objective clear

Texts are subject to interpretation, making it sometimes challenging to explain all the charity projects you are

undertaking. Explainer videos will make things more straightforward than just filming a member of the charity

explaining what the charity has achieved in detail.

Explainer videos will also allow you to better connect with potential and current donors and supporters.

8. Enables you to give life to your pitch

Paper pitching tends to be boring. Therefore you should consider engaging online users through well-curated explainer

videos. The videos will especially be helpful if you simultaneously undertake multiple projects, some more intensive

than others.

9. To help your audience retain information


On average human beings retain about 20 percent of the information they read. On the other hand, you retain

approximately 80 percent of what we see. This clearly shows that you will be more interested and remember more

about organizations and causes marketed using an explainer video rather than just hearing about them.


Charities continue running and serving society thanks to the support of other individuals, so they need donors. There

are many benefits to having explainer videos on your site. With a robust social media presence and a strong belief in

the cause, charities can reach many more people who would be glad and willing to support the cause.

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