7 Tools That Will Help Improve Business Performance

7 Tools That Will Help Improve Business Performance

From Muhammad Aamir

Running a business efficiently is not everyone's cup of tea. Many entrepreneurs have great business ideas which can be very successful among consumers but without efficiently running day to day operations of business,

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Running a business efficiently is not everyone's cup of tea. Many entrepreneurs have great business ideas which can be very successful among consumers but without efficiently running day to day operations of business, their idea can simply be in loss.

This article provides tips and information on this which can help you in improving productivity of your business. 

What are the different tools used in business:

Let's now look at the digital tools which can help the business in improving their overall efficiency:

Social Media Marketing and Email Tools: MailChimp is one of the famous entrepreneur tools suited for those entrepreneurs who want to use emails as their primary tool of marketing campaign. MailChimp allows you to get into inboxes without any issue. You can simply delegate the task to this tool, by entering the details and all the requirements at once, and MailChimp will automatically handle it for you by sending regular emails, making your schedule free from this tedious task. You can also use Aweber, which has the same purpose and helps you by sending emails regularly to many subscribers.

CRM Platforms: Customer Relationship Management Platforms are another way of improving your business efficiency. Customer Relationship is extremely important for the success of any business, especially in today’s digital world. It is crucial for each business to work on their CRM to be able to create a good brand image. CRM tools such as Hubspot and Insightly help you in gaining and retaining important business clients by not only keeping track of your activities with your clients’ but also providing tips on how to further grow this relationship. A CRM tool will help you in making many important business decisions as you have figures on your customers’ data, making it easier to figure which areas need improvement and which ones are your strengths.

Using a Call Recorder App: In a business, when you are continuously receiving calls from your clients and customers, it becomes hard to keep track of the data from your calls. Thus, recording all your outgoing and incoming calls using a call recorder app iphone can be of great help. You can use an IOS call recorder to keep a track of all your phone calls and later listen to them to gather all the important data. This is an app used for recording calls. The best part about iCall is that it can gather a large amount of data which you can also use as evidence if there is any issue with any client regarding work. The application offers a free trial on your iPhone. Don’t delay and download this call recorder app now to gain its numerous advantages.

Automating your Schedule: Meetings with the clients and keeping track of important events which you need to attend and delivery dates are all extremely important for the success of any business. Calendly is a digital tool which helps you in scheduling your meetings and sending you timely reminders of your schedule. Also, whenever your clients want to set up any meeting, Calendly will guide them the available slots which they can book according to their liking to set up a meeting with you.

Collaboration Documents: Important documents need to be shared and updated at all times, and physical sending of documents requires a lot of time and resources. What you can now do is have a Dropbox or a Google Drive account which lets you update your documents and share with whoever you want. These documents, once updated, automatically change in the other’s files as well.

E-Signatures: Providing signatures on each and every document is very time consuming, thus using tools like HelloSign for e-signatures make the work super simple and fun. You can simply upload the document and the app will provide the given signature on your behalf and send timely reminders to others to also provide their signatures to complete the documentation process.

Task Management Tools: Managing different tasks is not an easy job. Using a digital tool like Trello makes your life easier, as it helps in managing different tasks without the requirement of more employees. This saves you both on time and money and also does the job efficiently.

What are the 3 performance evaluation tools?

Let’s now look at the performance evaluation tools which will help you in maximizing your business performance:

Real Time Feedback: Real Time Feedback is very important for any business to perform up to its full potential. It is important to not only get feedback but also to get it on time to ensure that the changes are promptly made without any further delay. Real Time Feedback helps in improving the recruitment process, increasing employee retention etc. Real Time Feedback can be provided through many performance management tools using gadgets like smartphones or tablets.

Reward Schemes: Reward Schemes are essential for motivation and digital tools can be used to keep a track of each employee’s performance to provide them with rewards whenever needed.

Employee Surveys: Online Employee surveys help in gathering feedback regarding the organization.

Thus, by using the many business tools like iCall for recording phone calls, CRM tools etc, you can improve your business performance in many ways.

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