7 most-used accounting software in the world

7 most-used accounting software in the world

From Lila Du Plesis

7 most-used accounting software in the world

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Accounting software is a system of programs that support data entry into vouchers. Accounting software is indispensable in businesses because it has many advantages that support high accuracy calculations and save time. Here are the top 7 popular accounting software for businesses on computers that you can refer to.

1. Misa software

Consolidate all operations on one business administration platform, apply advanced technologies such as AI, Blockchain, flexibly connect services to improve work productivity, reduce costs and increase profits for businesses. Karma. Therefore, Misa has been trusted by more than 150,000 businesses with software and is present in 16 countries.


  • High productivity: automatic accounting, automatic tax reporting, financial reporting save 80% of the time.

  • Smart links: connecting the General Department of Taxation, Banks, E-Invoices, Digital Signatures, Point of Sale software, etc., forming a faster and more convenient data processing ecosystem.

  • View operating reports anytime, anywhere.


Only a free trial version. 

2. Fast software


  • Simple interface, easy to use.

  • Fast processing speed.

  • Easily retrieve information, ensure accuracy.

  • Can be used online, no need to install software or support applications.


  • Large capacity.

  • Some operations often have small (but insignificant) errors.

  • Only a free trial version.

3. Bravo software

Bravo applies advanced technologies, supports many new features according to the trend of the industrial era 4.0, was built for the overall management of the business, supports the accounting department to solve management problems for many industries. different professions. This software is trusted by many businesses and reputable in the market.

This software closely monitors the production and business activities of enterprises, minimizes unreasonable costs incurred, optimizes processing operations, ensures continuity of work, and improves the productivity of enterprises. employees and data will be accurate from time to time.


  • Access information quickly with high accuracy, safety, and security.

  • Closely monitor the company's business activities.

  • Flexible design, easy customization, easy to use.

  • Modern interface, optimized to run multi-software

  • Automated job processing.


The cost of using the software's services is quite high, but if you know how to make smart use of discount codes, attractive coupons on special occasions will help you own the software at the best price.

4. Accounting software 3TSoft

With the strength of a simple interface, easy to use, full of all accounting functions, the cost is extremely reasonable. 3TSoft accounting software is a popular accounting software product on the market, suitable for most types of commercial, construction, service, ...


  • Easy installation with small capacity, high stability.

  • Manage documents, print reports quickly and easily.

  • Set up data safety with a login password, decentralize data entry for each account.

  • Bilingual support.


There is no trial version.

5. Effect software

Similar to other accounting software, Effect software also has a full range of accounting operations. This software is applied in most business fields, confidently providing businesses from small to large enterprises.

As one of the software that separates business fields, Effect allows businesses to design and use software specifically for themselves at a moderate cost. For small businesses, there will be Effect Standard accounting software (which can be used for free), and medium and large businesses will have their software called Effect-SQL.


  • Software is provided for all types of businesses.

  • The software can be tailored to the unique requirements of each business.

  • Intuitive, vivid, easy-to-use interface.


  • Can be used free for Effect Standard for SMEs but only download on a single machine.

  • Must register to use the software.

6. WinTA accounting software

WinTA accounting is online accounting software with an advanced database and high security. 

WinTA accounting integrates digital signatures and electronic invoices on the software. Design and edit according to the specific characteristics of each business. Suitable for all types of businesses in all business sectors.


  • High security.

  • Fully meet all accounting operations.

  • Advanced and modern programming techniques.

  • Electronic invoice link.

  • The software can account in two books: Administration and Finance.

  • Edit software according to the specific requirements of the business.

  • Links with other software devices.

7. AcCNET software

AcCNET Cloud accounting software is online accounting software designed for small and medium businesses. With a simple and easy-to-use interface that helps users easily master the software in the shortest time, accounting work is done quickly, saving time, costs and increasing work productivity.


  • Using cloud computing technology, users can easily access the software anytime, anywhere.

  • Fully meet all accounting operations.

  • Easily view reports, compare books, documents, etc. in just a few minutes.

  • Helps save time, costs, and high accuracy compared to doing it manually.

  • AccNet Cloud software always updates the latest circulars and decisions of the Ministry of Finance and regulations of tax authorities.


There is a fee to use the software's services. But you can rest assured, there are many discount codes, promotional coupons when you register to buy the software, saving you a lot of money.


Above is an article about the top 7 most used accounting software in the world. Hope you will choose suitable software to help optimize your business operations. Good luck.

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