7 Effective Strategies You Can Use for Fundraising

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It’s great to see that overall giving is increasing on a year-by-year basis. Charitable giving increased by 4.1 percent over the past year, representing the sixth year of growth. However, we cannot afford to stop here. We need to keep going and fundraising for the causes we care about the most.

With that being said, below, we are going to take a look at some of the most effective strategies businesses can use for fundraising. 

Providing expense credit cards to your execs is a great way to control spending. It's also a handy way to fundraise money for your causes. 

Cashback is offered by many companies. Where before this would go towards employees, or back into your company, it can now be directed to your charity of choice. 

Credit card company Juni offers cashback, like many other providers across the United States. Have your accountant discover which one would be the most advantageous for your company's needs.

One of the best ways to fundraise for a cause you care about is to host an event. Events motivate supporters to reward the experience by giving back to the cause.

Think about an event that you can host on a year-on-year basis, creating a recurring tradition. This is a great way to ensure you are able to accumulate money for the cause each year. Soccer Aid football games are a prime example of this. You can take a look at how the events have evolved on a year-on-year basis, as there is always a need to innovate and move forward.

There are a lot of businesses that are willing to match donations, so looking for gift-matching programs is a good idea. This will essentially double the donations you make without having to double the effort you put in. 

You may be wondering why another business would be willing to match your donations, rather than fundraising on their own. Well, some companies find this attractive because they may feel like they do not have the time to fundraise themselves, so this is a great way of getting behind a cause they care about. 

Another fundraising idea is to create a section on your website about the cause you support, giving people the opportunity to donate online.

When creating an event, make sure you embrace new technologies. Supporters will get tired of the same thing if you do not look for opportunities to grow and progress. 

Stories always work well when creating a connection with the audience. Explain why the cause matters to you. A heartfelt story is an excellent way of engaging with viewers and getting them to quickly understand why fundraising for the cause in question is so important. 

Once you have created the page, you can continue to add content to it. You can also create content for your company blog, which links back to the fundraising page on your website. Case studies and videos work particularly well.

It is also vital to make sure you share information about this across your socials! 

Think about what you do when you try to accumulate more sales on your website. You dive into analytics and get to know your customers better so that you can create a strategy that appeals to them the most, right?

Well, you can adapt this strategy to suit fundraising as well. After all, the concept is very much the same; you want viewers to be compelled enough to part with some of their hard-earned cash.

Getting to know your donors will make a big difference because you will be able to tailor your campaigns more effectively. You will know the sort of content that appeals to them the most. This will help to make your fundraising efforts much more effective. 

Do your donors only hear from you when you are asking for money? If so, they will soon start to feel like the relationship is a one-way stream. Instead, you need to make your donors feel appreciated for the money that they have given to the cause you support. 

A simple “thank you” can go a very long way. Aside from this, it is good to keep donors up to date with what the charity is doing so they can see where their funds are going.

In addition to the strategies that we have mentioned so far, it is important to give people a number of different giving options, such as online, text, and mobile gifting. You will be surprised by how many more people will donate if it is convenient for them.

You can also allow people to round up their online purchases when buying something from your website or store. This is something that McDonald’s does well. Whenever you make an order and you reach the checkout, you will be asked if you want to add ‘x’ amount to your order to round it up, with the money going to a charity of McDonald’s choosing, which will be specified during the checkout process. 

A lot of people will naturally click to round up the purchase. It’s a few cents for them, but it will add up quickly if you are making a lot of sales per day. 

Use the ideas above to fundraise effectively

So there you have it: some different ideas you can use to fundraise effectively at your business. We know how difficult it can be to come up with new ideas, but we hope you now have some suggestions that can help you to raise more money for the causes you care about the most.

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Kerry Leigh Harrison has over 11+ years of experience as a content writer. She graduated from university with a First Class Hons Degree in Multimedia Journalism. In her spare time, she enjoys attending sports and music events.

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