7 Benefits of an All-inclusive Car Insurance

7 Benefits of an All-inclusive Car Insurance

From Imran Ali

Now that you have learned about the many benefits of comprehensive auto insurance, make an informed decision to buy a plan that suits you best.

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All-inclusive car insurance sounds lucrative and who will not like to have one, huh? Though most vehicle owners are aware of insurance,some are not cognizant of the factthat auto insurance is compulsory and not optional. Your car insurance also requires renewal before it expires to keep the same active. However, you can choose an insurance plan you like and not something that your dealer recommends. Purchasing your auto insurance online is simple and hassle-free.

According to an article published on Forbes.com, it will cost you heavily if your car is damaged or stolen and you do not have auto insurance in place. So here are seven benefits of comprehensive car insurance:

1. Accident cover

When it comes to a car crash, the after-effects are devastating, physically, emotionally, and of course financially. Contrasting to standard insurance, an all-inclusive or comprehensive plan includes damages to your vehicle too. Therefore, if your Ford has been damaged due to a road rash, the insurance firm will cover all expenses related to the accident incurred by you for fixing and repairing your vehicle.

2. Personal accident cover

Liability coverage is indeed mandatory legally; some people drive their vehicles without opting for the same. Insured vehicle coverage will help you shell out your medical expenses if another vehicle driver, who has no insurance, has hit you. Now, this is mandatory in some states and discretionary in others.

It’s recommended that you look for automobile insurance coveragethat pays for your medical expenses after sustaining a car crash.

3. Third-party liability coverage

As far as comprehensive car insurance is concerned, it incorporates the compulsory aspect related to an auto insurance policy and covers damage or injury to a third party or their property caused because of the insured vehicle.

4. Vehicle theft coverage

Think that you go out shopping in a mall and park your vehicle in the parking lot. Then, after you are done shopping, you cannot find your car during exit. In such a case, you will need comprehensive car insurance that covers your vehicle theft. You will receive the amount in case your car is stolen once the claim settlement procedure is complete.

5. Fire damage coverage

Your favorite car might be vulnerable to fire damage due to explosion, self-ignition, lightning, and things like that. When you have comprehensive car insurance in place, you’re covered for fire damage.

6. Additional coverage

You can also buy additional coverage together with your all-inclusive insurance plan. Remember that you can purchase these add-ons on a separate basis or with some third-party policy. These add-ons are meant to cover those exceptions that the policy does not cover - a kind of personalization to your auto insurance plan. These include roadside assistance, zero depreciation, engine protection, return to invoice, passenger cover, etc.

7. Calamity coverage

Your car is insured if it is damaged due to floods, thunderstorms, and tornados provided you have comprehensive coverage that includes manmade disasters like riots.


Now that you have learned about the many benefits of comprehensive auto insurance, make an informed decision to buy a plan that suits you best. 

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