Help Us Turn Our '68 Pickup Into Scholarships

Help Us Turn Our '68 Pickup Into Scholarships

From Michele Fox

I’m raising funds for my organization, The Riding With Us Foundation. With your help we can finish our first restoration and create scholarships with the proceeds from its sale!

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over 4 years ago

Today we were featured in the Sunday Daily News! Read this awesome article here:

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Our Story

Within the halls of Automotive High School in Brooklyn, NY there exists a dedicated group of students known as the “Pit Crew.”  For the past two years these students have been meeting after school to work on a 1968 Chevy C10 Pickup.  Once the restoration is complete this truck will be sold at auction, and the proceeds will be used as scholarships to help these students continue their education after high school. 

The progress of this truck's restoration is a reflection of the hard work, commitment and persistence of the Pit Crew students.  Its successful completion will result in these students taking a step toward success in their own lives and education.

This project was started shortly after the creation of The Riding With Us Foundation, a recognized 501(c)3 organization.  Our goal is to provide scholarship and mentorship opportunities to youth who want to work in the auto industry.  This 1968 Chevy C10 Pickup is our first restoration project, and its successful completion will allow us to grow this program and reach more youth in the future.

We Need Your Help to Finish this Truck!

So far every part used on the restoration has been donated, even the truck itself was donated by a local business owner.  But at this point time is of the essence.  The majority of the Pit Crew students are seniors, and if the truck is not finished in the next few months we won't be able to sell it in time to raise scholarship funds for them.  Our goal is to raise $15,000 by December 15th so we can make this happen!

This money will go toward:

  • Items needed to finish the engine rebuild and exhaust such as headers, starter, clutch plate, pulleys, hoses and the like
  • Other items we need to make our truck run like a new radiator, wiring harnesses, and power steering components
  • Replacing body parts too rusted to reuse, such as the front grill, and repairing those that can be salvaged, like the front fenders and truck cab.  Other items needed to bring our truck up to snuff include new body mounts, all new rubber trim and gaskets and new trim and badges
  • A new paint job with proper prep work is one of the big ticket items a successful campaign will fund.  The Pit Crew chose a black with red accent color scheme for this truck.  Black paint shows every imperfection which means this paint job has to be top notch to shine on the auction block! 
  • No restoration is complete without a nice clean interior, and funds raised from this campaign will go toward making sure this truck's owner rides in style

Support the Project and be Part of the Pit Crew!

One thing about a Pit Crew is that every person on the team makes an important and unique contribution.  Our Pit Crew is no different, and we won't truly be a success without you!  Here's how you can be part of the action and get this project to the finish line

$25 Contribution:

Become A Fan in the Stands with a contribution at this level.  Cheer us on and help purchase things like nuts, bolts and spray paint that seem small but add up fast.  By joining the team at this level you will receive a virtual thumbs up from the Pit Crew!

$50 Contribution: The Lollipop Man

By holding up the Pit's Crew's sign The Lollipop Man (or Woman) helps get the driver going in the right direction.  By making a contribution at this level you will help get this project going in the right direction so we can purchase the many parts and small fittings we need.  To say thank you our very own Pit Crew will be sending you a virtual thumbs up and a special sign of appreciation!

$100 Contribution: The Seventh Man

The Seventh Man is allowed over the wall to do things like clean the windshield of the car.  This may seem like a small role, but without a clean windshield and good visibility, there is no chance the race will be won. 

If you’d like to be our Seventh Man (or Woman) your $100 donation will help us purchase important engine components such as a new starter, thermostat and belts and hoses needed to get our engine to crank.  Each of these parts plays an important role in our engine’s performance, and will make this truck the performance machine it’s meant to be!  As a thank you for your donation you will receive the perks of the previous donation levels and a sleek "Riding With Us" travel mug!

$250 Contribution: Tire Changers

These Pit Crew members' name speaks for itself, and the importance of this role is obvious.  But what may not be obvious is that a donation at this level will be a game changer for this project!

Help us purchase larger parts such as a new radiator so we can get this truck rolling.  If you join our Pit Crew at this level our thank you will include the all perks of the previous donation levels as well as a Riding With Us t-shirt in the size of your choice.

$500 Contribution: The Gas Man

You can build the most impressive racing machine anyone has ever seen, but without gas it’s not going anywhere!  The Gas Man’s role is to make sure the car has the fuel needed to get up and go.

As our Gas Man (or, of course, Woman) you can add fuel to this project by funding the purchase of a major component such as the exhaust system or headers.  As a thank you for your donation you will receive all the perks of the previous donation levels and a commemorative diecast model of our 1968 C10 Pickup.

$1,000 Contribution: The Jack Man

When most people think of a Pit Crew they imagine tires being changed at the speed of light, and the Jack Man is at the front line of that effort.

In this Pit Crew the Jack Man (or Woman…one more time!) will make things change at the speed of light, because this generous donation will help progress move quickly on this truck!  At this level of funding we will be able to purchase important components like a new interior, and get some professional guidance on the installation.  As a thank you for your donation you will receive all the perks of the previous donation levels and a tour of our Pit Crew’s shop.

$2,500 Contribution: The Crew Chief

As in any discipline the Chief is the one running the show, and a Pit Crew is no different.  The Crew Chief is an important role in and out of the pit, and holds the Pit Crew together as a team.

With a donation at this generous level your contribution as Crew Chief will be to help bring this project together, by allowing us to purchase the missing body components we need for this truck.  Without a Chief there is no team, and without a complete body there is no truck!  As a thank you for your donation you will receive all the perks of the previous donation levels and an automotive-themed gift basket with items any driver needs!

$5,000 Contribution: The Driver

Although the Driver is not actually a member of the Pit Crew, without the Driver the Pit Crew has no job!  The Driver is the shining star of the whole show, and the one everyone is watching.

In our case, the Driver will help make our project truck the shining star of the show, by providing the funding we need for a professional paint job.  The plan is to coat our truck with a sleek black finish, a color that is very unforgiving to mistakes!  A professional touch will put this project over the top, and a generous donation at this level will make that possible.  As a thank you for your donation you will receive all the perks of the previous donation levels, and in honor of the name designation of this level, you will be invited to take the truck for its inaugural drive (on school grounds of course).

What's at Stake

This campaign was created so that we can finish restoring our 1968 Chevy C10 Pickup, but it's about so much more than that.  It's about empowering the students who have taken pride in the work they've done so far to finish the project and experience the benefit of their efforts.  It's about creating opportunity for these students to further their education and pursue the career of their choice.  It's about the bigger impact on our community, because when one of us wins we all win. 

Let's win this one together!

Other Ways You Can Help

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about the work we are doing, and if you can't contribute with a donation that doesn't mean you can be a part of the team.  If you want to help you can still:

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Michele Fox posted a new update:
over 4 years ago

Update #1

Today we were featured in the Sunday Daily News! Read this awesome article here:

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