60 yr old filmmaker still hanging in there.

60 yr old filmmaker still hanging in there.

From Jordan Rivers

Just because I turned 60 this year, I'm not giving up on my dream to get one of my movies into the theaters. But I need a professional budget to add to my film's business plan before I can seek out investors.

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I've made movies in the past with no money, (a western and a sci-fi) but it takes more than that to get them up on the screen.  Having a budget prepared by a professional who does it for a living and actually works daily in the industry will show our investors where their money is going and my business plan will show them how they are going to get it back. 

The pro I'm using charges $3,600 to prepare a budget using his years of actual work experience in the industry.  Once we land our major investor(s), my budget pro will be hired on as a Line Producer to make sure we stay on budget and the budget is executed properly.

It's always the small amounts like budgets, incorporating, business supply needs, etc., that always trip filmmakers up on the road to success.  Our ultimate goal is $3 million dollars for our horror film Woodrow Craven because it's actually harder to get picked up by a distributor if you make it for less money.  Plus, a large budget will attract the experienced actors you want to see in a movie.  Sure, less expensive movies have made the screen before - but they are backed by powerful producers in the business who already have money.

Check out my website for more details on all my dreams, visions and big ideas.http://www.riversentstudios.com

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