6 Tips for Wearing Loafers for Men and Women

6 Tips for Wearing Loafers for Men and Women

From Lara White

Many types of shoes are available for men and women, with loafers being one of the most stylish options to pair with an outfit. Loafers are extremely sophisticated and refined footwear that can go with your casual and...

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This article will discuss six tips for wearing loafers for men and women.

1. Use with Business Outfits :

If you want a formal business look with some casual elements, matching loafers with a tucked-in button-down long-sleeve and blazer can help you get the perfect business casual look. This combination is perfect to wear during the spring and summer months. Wearing a loafer can give your outfit a casual look without losing sophistication.

2. Do Not Match Loafers with Black Tie :

While wearing loafers with a suit isn’t prohibited, the suits you are going for should be more casual. You should avoid wearing a three-piece suit whenever you plan on wearing loafers. Black tie suits are usually not paired with loafers; instead, you should aim for tailored linen suits or cotton blazers paired with tapered trousers.

3. Great With High-Waisted Pants :

Women who wear high-waisted pants will always have the illusion that they are taller because of how long their legs appear. If you are more on the petite side, high-waisted pants are a great addition to your wardrobe, especially if you pair them with a nice pair of loafers.

Loafers work great with high-waisted pants, whether plain ones or printed ones. With this combination, you can go for both casual and dressed-up looks, depending on the materials you go for. For loafers to match your pants, visit Habbot Studios for a selection of amazing quality loafers.

4. Do Not Use Socks :

While socks are still valid to wear when using loafers, it is best and more common to wear loafers without long socks. Usually, loafers are only paired with foot socks because this footwear is the best way to present your ankle between the shoe and pants. The separation between the pants and the shoe can give your outfit a more relaxed look.

5. Great With Chinos :

The best combination with loafers is the chino and loafers combination. Wearing this footwear alongside a good pair of chinos is the perfect way to create an outfit. You create the best possible smart casual look if you wear your loafers with chinos. Alongside the bottom pieces, this combination will go very well with collar shirts, blazers, and simple button-downs.

6. Wearable With Shorts :

Surprisingly, loafers are extremely pairable with an amazing pair of khaki shorts. Using shorts with your loafers is the best outfit you can create during summer. Make sure to wear your loafers sockless or with socks that don’t show, so you don't ruin the casual look. Finally, pair this combo with a nice shirt and shades for the most stylish summer fit.

Wear Loafers for More Style :

While it can be hard to create a stylish outfit, using loafers for your outfit can help you create one of the best smart and casual styles. With these six tips on wearing loafers, you will surely utilize this footwear for any occasion. Loafers are one of the most classic and elegant pieces of footwear to exist.

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