6 Simple Ways To Make Incredible Crowdfunding Videos

6 Simple Ways To Make Incredible Crowdfunding Videos

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Crowdfunding emerges as a transformative force in the economic landscape, asserting its dominance over the past decade. What was once a tool primarily embraced by small creators for initiating projects in their infancy has evolved into a formidable strategy that even major corporations must acknowledge and integrate into their financial playbook.


Crowdfunding stands as an essential pathway for transforming creative concepts into tangible realities, and the potency of a captivating crowdfunding video holds the key to elevating the prospects of your campaign. A meticulously crafted video goes beyond the conventional pitch, weaving a visual narrative that captivates, enlightens, and sparks inspiration.

What is a crowdfunding video?

Crowdfunding is the act of raising small amounts of money from a large number of people in order to fund a project or business venture. Crowdfunding has become even easier as new crowdfunding platforms have grown and developed over the past decade.


Within a crowdfunding video, a narrative unfolds, weaving the tale of the project's conception, delving into the team's history, and, most crucially, articulating how the product addresses and resolves user challenges. The video serves as a virtual spokesperson for the startup, offering a concise portrayal of the creators' intentions, timelines, and societal impact.

Why You Need A Crowdfunding Video?

The significance of a crowdfunding video lies in its ability to establish a meaningful connection with your audience, ultimately aiding in achieving your funding objectives. This video serves as a swift and effective means of introducing both yourself and your project to potential investors and customers, allowing them to forge a deeper connection through the lens of your passion and inspiring narrative.


According to Kickstarter, the impact of a video is substantial, with projects lacking one having a success rate of only 30%, whereas the inclusion of a video elevates the success rate to 50%. This statistic underscores the pivotal role a well-crafted video plays in the crowdfunding landscape.


Moreover, crowdfunding proves to be a versatile tool applicable across various industries, including startups, nonprofits, investment ventures, individuals, and creative professionals alike. The universality of crowdfunding as a mechanism highlights its adaptability and effectiveness in diverse contexts. Despite its potential, crafting a successful video necessitates practice and drawing inspiration from other compelling examples. Let's delve further into the art of video creation.

Best tips to create a crowdfunding video

Keep your video short and straightforward. Given the limited attention span of viewers, aim to capture and maintain their interest swiftly. Spark a curiosity that compels them to explore more about your product. Utilize animations and simulations to depict future versions of your project, streamlining the content and making it more engaging. The goal is to encourage every viewer to contribute to your project.

Ensure that your video adheres to the fundamentals of high-quality production. Even if shot on a smartphone, leverage a top-notch camera for clear visuals. Consider investing in additional equipment like a tripod or flash to enhance the filming process. Compatibility across various devices is crucial, so check that your video displays correctly. Address potential audio issues to optimize sound quality. Pay attention to lighting, wipe the camera lens, and eliminate extraneous noise. A high-quality video not only enhances user enjoyment but also prevents technical hiccups that might lead viewers to disengage from your project. Looking for a good video editor to edit your footage is also necessary.

Embrace the power of storytelling. Storytelling, a tool that has shaped human civilizations for generations, proves indispensable for both video creators and entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, recognizing the significance of storytelling is paramount.


Structuring your video with a clear beginning, middle, and end is foundational. This framework serves as a guide, leading the viewer through a cohesive narrative and ensuring a more profound takeaway of the video's information.


Incorporate simple storytelling elements, including background music, b-roll footage, and narration, to elevate the engagement and captivation of your video. These elements contribute to the immersive experience, creating a connection that extends beyond the information shared. By weaving a compelling story, you not only convey information but also evoke emotions, making your video memorable and impactful.

Forge a lasting impact through your video by establishing a genuine emotional connection. A compelling video harnesses high energy, profound emotion, and moving narratives to render its content inspiring and motivational. The strength of the connection you cultivate with your audience correlates directly with their inclination to invest.


Sincere and personal videos provide a window into your true self, enabling viewers to grasp your essence. They gain a sense of how their support could genuinely make a difference. The authenticity conveyed in such videos resonates deeply, fostering a bond that goes beyond the project itself. As you showcase your true colors, you not only make a compelling case for your venture but also invite others to join you on a meaningful journey.

Enhance the quality of your crowdfunding video by incorporating a professional touch through attention to sound, clear footage, location, and lighting. Relying solely on your phone might not suffice; the sound captured by a cell phone can often sound hollow and distant. While technology has improved the audio and visual capabilities of phones, opting for a professional camera with a quality microphone is a superior choice. If a professional camera isn't within budget, ensure stability and clarity with your device.


Select a clean and visually appealing location with adequate lighting. The impact of good lighting on your crowdfunding video cannot be overstated. If obtaining the necessary tools for this professional touch poses a challenge, fear notFunded Today's creative team is ready with both the essential equipment and expertise. Whether it's stabilizing devices, ensuring clear footage, or optimizing lighting, their comprehensive toolkit ensures your video maintains a polished and professional allure.

Once your video is live, the mission is to catapult it into the spotlight and make it a global sensation. While reaching every person on the planet may be an ambitious endeavor, aiming high is the key to success. Let's break it down step by step:


Social Media Onslaught:

Initiate a robust social media campaign by creating posts about your project. Share these posts in communities related to your product's niche. Enlist the support of friends, team members, and family to amplify the project's reach through their accounts.


Crowdfunding Campaign Video Ad:

If your initial budget allows, consider running a crowdfunding campaign video ad. This targeted approach can significantly enhance visibility and engagement.


Budget-Driven Opportunities:

The size of your budget opens up various distribution opportunities. Explore options like showcasing your video in cinemas before film screenings for maximum impact.


Remember, the broader your vision, the more ambitious your goals. Tailor your approach to fit your resources while maximizing the potential for widespread recognition. Aim high, and you might just achieve the global resonance you desire for your crowdfunding video.

Conclusion: Unleash Success with Your Crowdfunding Video!

Crowdfunding has been going strong for the last couple of years. When it comes to creating your crowdfunding campaign, it is essential to keep these 6 elements in mind in the planning stage. These top tips are your blueprint for crafting a genuinely successful crowdfunding video. If inspiration eludes you, invest time in exploring triumphs on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Analyze what makes their videos stand out and incorporate those elements into your own campaign.


Remember, your campaign video is just the beginning of video's potential impact on your crowdfunding journey. Consider additional strategies such as a concise homepage explainer video or a series of impactful pre-roll video ads on social media to enhance awareness and understanding.


Wishing you the best of luck on your crowdfunding adventure!

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