6 Fun Ideas for Small Fundraisers

6 Fun Ideas for Small Fundraisers

2/6/2020, 10:00AM
Bristol , Uk, Bristol CT 06010

From Eliza Grace

Small fundraising activities can be a fun event not only for the participants

Eliza Grace

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Bristol , Uk, Bristol CT 06010

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Thursday, February 6 2020

10:00 AM

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6 Fun Ideas for Small Fundraisers

Raising money is an activity that is integral to any organization. Every gathering of community members or like-minded individuals requires funding so that they can implement projects that move their cause forward.

While it’s commonplace enough, the task of gathering funds for a particular project can be nerve-wracking for many people. If you feel the same way and you’re not sure what income-generating activity you should hold for your organization, here are some simple but effective fundraising activities that can help you get started:

  • 1. Open a merchandise shop. Selling merchandise is a quick and easy way to earn money for a project. You can prepare designs that are directly linked to the cause you are trying to champion, and print it on shirts, jackets, caps, and mugs. Make sure to invest in smaller accessories like custom silicone wristbands, stickers, pins, and lanyards as well, as you can sell more of these smaller items for a cheaper price.
  • 2. Put your cooking skills to work. Selling snacks, baked goodies, and other yummy treats can help you quickly come up with the funds you need. If you have the tools and the skills of a talented baker or cook, your team can prepare the goods yourself. You can have a bigger version of this event by inviting locals with a knack for cooking to participate in a food fair; earn your share by renting out kiosks where participants will be displaying and selling their tasty creations.
  • 3. Organize community sporting events. Fun runs are currently a popular way of getting funding and making sure that your beneficiary projects and causes are highly visible to the public. The event doesn’t have to be big; you can focus your efforts on getting members of a local community—a neighborhood or school, for example—to join the run. The proceeds of ticket sales can go to your organization and support its projects.
  • 4. Showcase local talents. You can also pool your talents together and hold an event that shows off your creative side. If you have enough people in the group, you can hold a play or concert. You can also look for talents in your local community and hold a talent show. If your group is made up of cooks and singers, then you can host a dinner-for-a-cause with scrumptious dishes and on-site entertainment. It’s all a matter of finding out what your group members are good at and making it work.
  • 5. Teach crafts. Holding arts and crafts classes is a great way of keeping a small group of people occupied, but it can also help you earn a bit of cash. Look for local arts and crafts suppliers and see if they can hold art classes for the benefit of your cause. Find out how much the classes will cost each attendee by taking into account all expenses related to the class, including the materials. At the same time, market the event to your community to boost attendance and sales.
  • 6. Do a rummage sale. Holding a rummage sale is a great option if you’re short on time and resources. It’s a great way to get funds without needing much capital, plus it allows you to dispose of items that you don’t use or need anymore but can’t get rid of. One person might not have enough items for a rummage sale, but with the help of your teammates, you’ll surely have enough items to sell. At the end of the day, you can donate unsold items to charity.

Small fundraising activities can be a fun event not only for the participants but also for the team organizing it. If you plan it well and coordinate with your team throughout the process, you can have a challenging yet ultimately rewarding fundraiser that will help support your worthwhile cause.  

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