5 Ways You Can Support Your Local Gyms!

5 Ways You Can Support Your Local Gyms!

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Many people are just getting back into the swing of things with their local gyms after a long hiatus due to COVID-19, and this means it’s time to give back for all that lost time and make sure that your local gyms know that you care.

We’ve partnered up with Rising Legends to create this short list of 5 easy ways that you can support your local gym TODAY. The following are really easy ways for you to participate and provide financial support to the fitness centers and gyms that you frequent!

Streaming Online Classes

Even if you aren’t quite ready for in-person workout classes and being around a bunch of people at the gym, you can still support your local workout facility by streaming live workouts that they put up online.

Just about every gym is doing this these days, and it’s offering people a safe way to get a good exercise while not even leaving their homes. There are more than likely many different options available to you when it comes to online workout classes via your local gym, so it’s important to check out their website and see what they’re offering just in case you can’t make it in or don't feel comfortable with going to the gym yet!

Renting Your Gym’s Equipment 

A lot of gyms are also renting out equipment to people so that they can be more prepared for online workout classes, or many other types of exercise opportunities. Whether it be weights, bikes or other types of equipment, simply renting workout gear from your local gym can go a long way to show that you care.

This is another good strategy for those who aren’t yet comfortable going into gyms due to COVID concerns, and you can workout well knowing that you’re getting high-quality, professional-grade equipment!

Shop The Gym’s Merchandise

Most gyms sell much more than just workout services, and it’s likely that you could buy clothes, water bottles and all sorts of athletic gear from your local gym. It’s definitely a good idea to consider purchasing a couple things from your local gym to show them you care, because this small way of chipping in really can go a long way during these unpredictable times for the industry.

And when you’re ready to go back into the gym, you can show off some pretty cool style!

Purchasing Gift Cards

Some gyms even offer gift cards that are always a good option for people who want to share the love and spread the good word about their local gym to their friends and family. Gym gift cards are a great idea for someone you know would enjoy the facilities and workout community at your local gym, and of course they could also use their gift card for things like merchandise as well!

Spreading Your Support On The Internet

You can do a lot to support your local gym just by sharing a post from their social media page and telling your friends and family about what’s going on within your workout community. This type of online support does wonders for a gym’s brand awareness and can make the community that much more close-knit.

Contact Rising Legends To Learn More About Supporting Local Gyms! 

There’s a lot that everyone can do when it comes to supporting local gyms both monetarily and through participation. You can learn more about Rising Legends and everything they do in their community by going to their website through the link at the top of the campaign page!

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