5 tips for rookie (and not so rookie) Norway detectives

5 tips for rookie (and not so rookie) Norway detectives

From Syed Kashif Ali

In Norway, the detective profession is very much needed because in some aspects, they are more flexible than the police.

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In Norway, the detective profession is very much needed because in some aspects, they are more flexible than the police. Elements as absurd as a reflection, the height of your car or having your camera and mobile charged are crucial for a good investigation, but how many people mistrust and spoil a case that was made alone? An active attitude, although not excessively, can help us private investigator.

Surviving as a Norwegian detective is not something that gives you money, but ingenuity and experience. That means taking advantage of the elements around you (or your own) and not allowing them to become an obstacle. In this case, those elements are reflexes, tall cars, confidence, charger, and an active attitude. As absurd as they may seem, I am going to give you a few reasons to take them into account, both to take advantage of them and to avoid being plunged into an investigation.


Reflections are both friends and enemies: a good rear-view mirror or the glass of a shop window will help you to indirectly observe the path of the person you are following, and as long as you do not look at an empty shop window(of a dilapidated place) or stare at the rear view mirror even when the person is a few meters away, they will not betray you. As in every detail of our profession, excess (of activity, of confidence, of boredom…) is a burden that we must get rid of as soon as we detect it. Someone looking at you from a distance may seem suspicious, but it is not difficult to deduce that what you are actually looking at is “something in that area”. On the other hand, an attentive look through a mirror requires an intentionality that does not escape even the most foolish.

Tall cars

In my experience as a detective, when I have driven a tall vehicle like a van I have always had better results in the pursuits. Even on surveillance! It does not take a genius to realize that a high position guarantees better results, clearer surveillance, better attention to circumstances (not only those related to the person under investigation, but also to their neighbors, police, etc.). When driving, consider roundabouts and intersections as your enemy: they will always confuse you. If you stray too far from the vehicle you are following, if the roundabout is not wide, it will be easy for you to doubt the direction it has taken. And once you screw up, there is usually little going back: searching and searching fruitlessly until you have to give up because you didn't choose a taller vehicle. Of course, you will always have to approach the ends of the road to glimpse the direction it takes, but not even this (unsafe) trick will save you from all of them as a tall vehicle can.


You can sin in driving too fast, or too slow because “it goes so slow that how am I going to lose it?”! And it happens both in driving, where it not only concerns your integrity, as in static surveillance. Moreover, in these, where all you have to do is record entrances and exits, movements that can be seen comfortably from the car, we are easily overconfident: the detective starts to do everything except watch because "he's almost done”, and suddenly everything happens out of reach of your eyes. Yes, without a doubt he will catch something: so many hours, it is impossible not to do it, but ... how much information is being left out? Sometimes the verification is not so important as the reiteration, and it is not worth as much that you see a person enter and leave once, as the ten that he does throughout the day; seeing someone withdraw money once from a cash register can be a coincidence, a gesture that you do not understand or that even your employers cannot justify as a robbery: seeing it five times throughout the day can help, not only to understand it, but to prove that there is a habit.

The charger

Even if you think you can't even afford that work tool, what do you want? A mobile phone seems not to be essential ... Until you lose someone. Imagine that your client knows the usual places that he visits; can he tell you about them? Can you search for them in the App on duty if you don't have a battery?

Keep active

In the car, for example, many hours will pass in which nothing happens, but, of course, you don't know that, and boredom is deadly. It is easy to get lost. Therefore, it is best to keep your mind active with an activity that does not consume all your attention (because you need it for work), but does keep it going. For that, I always recommend podcast or everything you can hear without having to see. And this only in cases where hearing is not so important: there are times when the only thing that tells you if something happens is the ear.

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