5 Things You Should Know Before Updating Your Branding

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Is your brand in need of a refresh? There are various reasons why this might be the case. You could be struggling to appeal to your target audience, for instance, or your branding may have become outdated and not in line with your current company ethos.

This is an issue that any long-standing business, both big and small, will face at some point. Rather than a complete overhaul, a brand update can be as simple as a logo change or a complete audit of existing content. Before you attempt to rejuvenate your brand, however, here are five things you need to know.

1. Research is necessary

When refreshing your brand, it’s easy to overlook the need for research. Yet this should always be the start of the process. By conducting surveys and interviews with employees and customers, it’s possible to gain a lot of vital information. You can understand how your brand is currently viewed, what makes it stand out, and what areas are ultimately lacking.

Also, take a look at the competition. To look, feel, and sound different from your rivals, you first need to know what they’re doing. Then it’s a case of seeing how your business can stand out from the crowd.

2. Decide on your visual identity

With the necessary research under your belt, it’s time to make an important decision on your visual identity. When done correctly, your visual identity successfully expresses your brand’s values and personality, all without the need for words.

As for how to craft an impactful visual identity, factor in the following points:

·         A unique yet appealing color palette

·         An eye-catching logo

·         Attractive visual content, from videos to infographics

·         Interesting fonts and typography

3. Finetune your brand’s message

Words can have an integral role to play in convincing customers your brand is the right one for them. Your messaging can range from a catchy tagline to the written content on your website, and it should provide a voice to your brand’s visual elements and the overall values of your business.

Crafting authentic, engaging messages is a difficult challenge. This is why it makes sense to enlist help. As professional copywriter Ed Prichard notes, experience and expertise can make all the difference in conveying the right tone of voice for your brand.

4. A look at the logo

Are you happy with your logo? If so, feel free to skip this section. Yet if you feel a fresh lick of paint is necessary to fall in line with your brand refresh, ensure you see how you can upgrade – or completely change – your current logo. Again, it’s recommended to enlist an expert designer if needed.

5. Communicate about the changes

You shouldn’t roll out your brand changes without any prior notice. Communicate about the refresh with your employees, explaining why your business is going in this direction. Also, do the same with your customers. If it’s a big brand revitalization, for instance, you can even build up excitement and use the launch as a further marketing tactic. 

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