5 Social Media Post Ideas for Service-Based Small Businesses

5 Social Media Post Ideas for Service-Based Small Businesses

From Alan Steve

Are you having problems coming up with content ideas for social media posts? You're not alone. Even if you've been diligent about routinely generating content, most marketers discover that simply announcing new blog post

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Are you having problems coming up with content ideas for social media posts? You're not alone. Even if you've been diligent about routinely generating content, most marketers discover that simply announcing new blog posts on their feeds is insufficient.

The audience is clamoring for more. We need to do new things and be willing to demonstrate who we are if we want to keep their interest.

This isn't too difficult. It also doesn't have to take up a lot of time. All you need now is some motivation. So, to help you shake things up, here are top five social media post ideas for service-based businesses.

1.      Client Reviews

Do you have clients who adore your work? This is the PERFECT content to post on social media for service-based businesses.

You may already have a few client testimonials on your website, but you should be sharing these positive evaluations on social media to assist attract new clients to your website and schedule your services. So don't be afraid to publish them as frequently as you can! You can list your business for free on QRG 101 to get genuine reviews.

2.      Inspirational Quotes‍

Inspirational quotations relating to your niche are the first content concept that never goes out of style. Quotes are a great approach to drive traffic to your social media platforms since they don't differentiate between those who want to buy right now and those who just want to look around.

Inspirational quotes are one way for people to find value on your page since social media marketing is about more than simply commerce. It's about developing engagement over time.

When you regularly promote services on social media channels without giving value, your audience may perceive your business as impersonal and unrelatable. As a result, quotes are a great method to add value and inspiration to your audience.

3.      Hiring Post

If you work with a lot of small businesses, sharing a few signals that they're ready to hire you for your services is a terrific idea.

It might be difficult to decide whether it's the proper moment to start outsourcing and hiring service-based organizations to assist you operate your business as a small business owner.

Let your clients know exactly what you're searching for in clients who are ready to work with you and tell them when it's time to hire you.

4.      Video Content—Works Like A Charm!

Live videos are another post concept that generates rapid response. Live videos may be used for a variety of purposes, and what you use them for is entirely dependent on your social media goals and objectives.

Live Ecommerce or selling

Some small businesses use Facebook Live or Instagram Live to do a sales presentation. If you've seen these types of ads, you'll know that the vendor goes live for 30 minutes to an hour and sells a wide range of things to live viewers. 

They show off the things, and users can comment if they want to buy them, with more information to come.

video of an event

Videos are very popular on social media. They also don't have to be that long. Even 10-15 seconds is sufficient. The maximum time limit is two to three minutes.

5.      Recent Blog Post

You should share new blog posts with your social media followers as soon as they are published. There are numerous advantages to publishing this type of content.

It will not only give you something new to write about, but it will also increase traffic to your website. Your clients are unlikely to visit your site on a daily basis right now.

Unless you inform them, they may not be aware that you have published a new blog post. By sharing it on social media, you can reach a larger audience.

Friends of your followers will now be able to see this post and possibly navigate to your profile or website to read different blogs. You have a fantastic potential to increase your lead generation by blogging. 


Local Events & News

Share local news and upcoming events to connect with your local audience! Connect to the websites of your local Chamber of Commerce, newspapers, publications, and community centers. Share popular virtual and real-world events that your audience might enjoy! 

2 or 3 of these types of postings per month should be on your calendar. You can even make your own local event calendar, complete with your own events and promos! Sharing positive news items from your town that your audience cares about can help you connect with them and show them how you are a part of the community.

By providing this knowledge, you can simply become a resource for your clients and help them remain on top of the newest trends and changes about rules and regulations.

Your Employees' Photos

Share images of the people who help your company succeed. You wouldn't be able to run your business without your employees. Sharing stuff like this helps to humanize your brand.

The faces behind the firm will be visible to your followers. They'll be able to see who makes the things they consume and what goes on behind the scenes. Your engagement will also be boosted if you share images of your personnel.

Key Takeaways

Plan ahead of time! Schedule holidays, national days, articles, and promotions in advance on your social media calendar.

It's preferable if it's as personal as possible. Get to know your neighbors! To engage with your audience, share local news stories and events. Videos and images of you and your daily business activities are an excellent approach to demonstrate your personality.

Share other people's stuff and keep the "salesy" postings to a minimum. Don't make it "all about you" by providing value to your audience.

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