5 Simple Ways to Make Incredible Crowdfunding Videos

5 Simple Ways to Make Incredible Crowdfunding Videos

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Before moving on to the shooting process, you should first understand what crowdfunding is. In simple words, crowdfunding is a process during which a large number of people invest their money in financing a specific project. In the modern world, there are a huge number of crowdfunding platforms, and thanks to this, the process has become as accessible as possible for everyone.

There are two types of crowdfunding that you can use at the same time or choose one of them. The first kind is donation-based. This crowdfunding model involves putting money into your project just because people like the idea and want the idea to be realized. In return for donations, investors get the opportunity to use the services that will be provided or use your goods.

The second type of crowdfunding is investments. This is where investors buy a share of your business by exchanging it for their capital investment. You need to choose how you will pay off investors, you can give away part of the ownership or draw up a debt contract, which you will return gradually with a percentage of income.

These two types are effective and efficient, but every aspiring businessman should decide which crowdfunding model suits him best.

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What Is Crowdfunded Video Used For?

Crowdfunding videos are created so that you can communicate with the audience and achieve the main goal - to find investors who will finance the project. The main task of such a video is to show potential clients and sponsors the idea of ​​the project, and to do it quickly and effectively so that they can get to know you better.

There are some statistics according to which we can say that projects without crowdfunding videos get no more than 30% of success, and those companies that have added videos have 50%. This is a good difference, so using crowdfunding is a good idea.

Such videos can be used in many areas because they not only help promote your company but also familiarize potential customers and investors with it in more detail.

5 Simple Ways to Make Incredible Crowdfunding Videos

We have prepared for you 5 actionable tips that will help you create an incredible crowdfunding video and attract as many potential clients and investors as possible who will want to contribute to the project and make it happen as quickly as possible:

Try to Be Brief:

In crowdfunding videos, it is important to briefly and effectively state the necessary information about your company. Thanks to short videos, the audience can more easily absorb information without spending a lot of time on it. 

The recommended time for such videos is 3 minutes, and during this time you should have time to interest the viewer, talk about the benefits of the company and attract investors.

Tell as Much Information About the Company as Possible

Most people who come to watch a crowdfunding video expect to see a lot of useful information about the company. 

In the video, you must tell the history of the company, the system of work, how many people you hire, and more. A very important part of the video is where you spend money and how you distribute it. Investors need to know this so that they know where the money they invested will go.

Create an Emotional Connection With Your Audience

One of the best ways to show your true colors is to create an exciting crowdfunding video that includes interesting stories and touching emotions.

You must create a connection that will make investors want to invest in your project. By creating a sincere video, you will be able to show the audience who you are and help them understand how important the money invested in the project is.

Tell Life Stories

All entrepreneurs need to build a trusting relationship with their audience. Touching stories that will sink into the soul can help with this. A crowdfunding video should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. This makes it easy for viewers to absorb all the information you provide in your video.

Try to Create Good-Quality Videos

Quality is one of the most important parts of a video's success. By the quality of the video, many viewers determine the professionalism of your project and the serious attitude towards it. You can edit video with Movavi to create an incredible video that will hook a lot of investors and potential clients and lead to a quick realization.


Over the past few years, crowdfunding videos have become very popular and have shown their effectiveness. Thanks to such videos, many projects have already been implemented and are successful. Before you start making videos, be sure to read the actionable tips that will help you.

By paying attention to the tips that we have provided, you can create an incredible video that will hook a large number of investors who want to invest in the project and potential customers who will forever remain loyal to your company with its story and correctly presented information. Be responsible in your crowdfunding video creation and your project will be an incredible success.

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