5 Key Elements of a Successful Sales Pitch

5 Key Elements of a Successful Sales Pitch

From Alan Steve

Your sales pitch can make or break the deal, therefore it is essential that you should take the time to craft a sales pitch that’s effective. An effective sales pitch can improve your business sales performance

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Your sales pitch can make or break the deal, therefore it is essential that you should take the time to craft a sales pitch that’s effective. An effective sales pitch can improve your business sales performance. Google ads are also a good option to increase business profits in the era of digital marketing.

Today the end user and consumer is getting smarter each day. The customer has more choices, more freedom, and more options and thus he’s the hero. As a result, the traditional sales and marketing strategies are not efficient anymore. As a budding marketer, you have to amend sales strategies in order to make the most of them and get great results. 

Just like that, a traditional sales pitch won’t work. You don't have to get dressed up to present a sales PowerPoint presentation and have the complimentary snacks at the boardroom’s table. You have to complete the whole sales process by walking the talk. 

In fact, every step you take in your daily life, you are pitching. For example, sharing an uber with your friend? Just recommend what you loved about the latest CRM your company has launched - the opportunities are endless. 

Let’s get to the point and explain what the key elements of a successful sales pitch are.

Always Speak about the Benefits 

Just starting off with the sales pitch? No features. Only benefits. If you start telling the features, your customer won’t be interested in moving to the next step. Let’s be practical, how many of us love listening to someone who speaks about himself. It’s borrrrring. And, the same goes for the sales pitch. 

According to the book Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy, during every sales pitch, your prospects always look for what’s in it for them. They care less about what you are good at or if your product has the best features in the world. Until and unless you make the prospects realize you have something for them, they will never take your offer seriously. 

Let’s look into this example, if you are a registered liquidator in Australia, your sales pitch should showcase you will help them wind up their insolvent company seamlessly rather than just showcasing the number of successful case studies that you have had in the past. 

If you are going to place it on your home page, a great pitch would be “Your registered liquidator to help you wind up your company seamlessly” 

It should not be like, “A registered liquidator with a 100% success rate with all cases handled?”

You can place a great sales pitch on your website exit popup with a call to action for better reach and engagement.

Adopt a Friendly Approach, and Don't Be Too Formal 

Great communication is the key to a successful sales pitch. And, your prospect can only communicate better if you adopt a friendly approach. Therefore, keep it a conversation and don't get too formal. 

If you act as a business peer your prospect will easily share his challenges and pain points. As a result, you will be in a great position to explain to him how you can help him overcome challenges and the specific benefits your product/service offer. The prospect will trust your words and would be willing to move forward in the sales process. Chances are he will agree to try out the free version of your product, attend the free demo session, or get on a call with the team lead in your sales department. 

Alternatively, if you try to be too formal, you will end up being too pushy. Remember, no one wants to be sold to and that’s what makes the whole sales process hard. That’s the reason most customers avoid marketing material and choose to buy through word of mouth marketing, or through recommendations. You’d hardly see anyone who purchased a product just because they saw a glamorous ad? Do you see? 

For example, if you provide epoxy floor coating, here’s the first step to a friendly sales pitch. 

“Hi Alex, what measures do you currently take to make sure your house is mold, grime, cobwebs, and stains-free?”

This is called the investigation step of the sales pitch which further engages the prospect to move forward to the next step in the sales funnel.

Keep it Short 

The key to a successful sales pitch is it is short, concise, and crip. There are several reasons why a short sales pitch is successful unless you have big sales calls. Since you are speaking to the prospect for the first time he would not be interested in having a long conversation over the phone. 

If you are successful in making him feel like you have something specific to offer him that is tailored to his challenges he will definitely say, “Yes.’ However, if he doesn't feel like you’ve something for him, he will decline the call. 

If you really want to have a successful sales, you don't need to have a long PowerPoint presentation, neither you need to have the complimentary pastries on your boardroom table. So what do you need then? A crisp, concise, and short sales pitch. 

So, here’s an example. If you have a CRM and want to market its paid version to an existing customer. You can write an email sales pitch like, 

“Hi David, our long-run customer has been using the premium version of our CRM and he has got great results. Would you like to try it?”

Annnnd, that’s it. Friendly, short, precise sales pitch. With this you made the client realize that you have got something for him, and if he likes he would definitely try it out. 

Train the New Hires on your Sales Team 

Sadly, sales executives take the new hires for granted, and they assume new hires know everything about how the sales process work. However, the sales process itself is a very rigorous process that needs attention, hard work, care, and attention. Most of the time, the new hires start explaining the features in eagerness to move to the next stage of your sales cycle. As a result, your sales pitch leads to a dead end. 

Don’t want the sales pitch to die? Here’s what you need to keep in mind. Your new hires are naive, they often don’t know the success sauce of your sales pitch. They need training and practice to bring in great results. To ensure your sales pitch is effective you have to make sure the whole team works in harmony, and collaboration and is on the same page. Your sales team lead should monitor the progress of every salesperson with great care. 

Design customized sales training to make the most of potential talent. Train them in a way that they will be able to articulate the sales story in the most creative and effective way. Once you take them through the initial training, pair them with a skilled salesperson to help them succeed. Better if you could arrange daily micro training, if not you can have weekly training for the new hires. Trust me, it will save so much of your company’s costs.

Leverage Storytelling in Sales Process 

Humans are storytellers at their core. We love to tell stories and hear them. So, if you are successful in including the element of storytelling in your sales pitch, it’s a win-win situation. 

Every sales story has a hero. Make your customer your hero by making the whole sales pitch personal, relevant, reliable, and real. Start with the benefits and make the customer realize how your product can help him win the race. 

Don’t shy away from adding some sense of humor to it, but don’t overdo it, and stay relevant. A great way to tell stories is to add some testimonials from the existing clients or add case studies. You can create stories if you are cross-selling or up-selling your product. 

Here’s an example. 

“Our client X at the ABC Corporation started using our CRM. During our last meeting the past week he told me that his sales were escalated by 20% in the first quarter of the year. Plus, his team loves the CRM’s efficiency.”

This sales pitch tells an interesting story about someone who had already achieved success using the CRM, it’s more friendly, easily understandable, and relatable. It’s better than digging deeper into the statistics.

Just a note, every time you start telling a story make sure it’s relevant and belongs to the same industry as your prospect is. Otherwise, your prospect won’t be interested in moving forward in the sales journey. Relevant and relatable sales stories always win. 

With a great sales pitch, you sell appointments, not a product. A sales pitch is a creative hook to convince your audience to move forward in the sales process. Make sure you give your best and practice it several times before you could actually pitch. 

What strategies do you adopt to ensure your sales pitch is efficient and successful? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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