5 Key Culprits Behind Acne Development

5 Key Culprits Behind Acne Development

From Shahbaz Ahmed

There has been a lot of hearsay about the main causes of acne. Though not many people who know acne definition , some people give causative details that are not backed up with evidence.

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There has been a lot of hearsay about the main causes of acne. Though not many people who know acne definition , some people give causative details that are not backed up with evidence. However, we should not just think that it is true. Many will purport that the causes range from eating greasy foods to acne bacteria. But you need to have the known causes on your mind so that you can take the necessary prevention measures.

Excess Oil

There is this substance that your body's sebaceous glands pump out of your skin. It is called sebum. You see, in most cases, it can be genetically transferred from parents. Some people have high sebum production levels, while others have low levels. 

Also, it is mostly affected by hormonal fluctuations in your body. This mostly happens to many teens and even young adults, especially during their monthly cycles. If a lot of this sebum gets trapped in your pores, a pimple develops which bulges out as acne. 


Inflammation may occur due to clogged pores. This is as a result of deposited debris, sebum, dead cells and excess oils. It could have been as a result of bacteria that cause acne. 

This sets on an inflammatory response which is initiated as a form of swelling. This could lead to blackheads, whiteheads and some red-like bumps which resemble a cyst. All these will appear on your skin surface, and you may need to go for acne treatment. 


You must have heard that chronic stress can pose adverse threats to the health of your skin. Typically, the skin issues could probably be as a result of the hormone cortisol. You see, when experiencing chronic stress, cortisol tends to overwork, thus affecting most of your bodily processes, including affecting your skin functions. In this, it is believed to create a conducive environ for inflammatory acne development. 

Particular Foodstuffs

Yes, there are some foods that are linked to the development of acne. You see, some people have bad bodily reactions whenever they take certain foods. Such reactions could be a cause for acne. Some of such foods that could lead to acne including chocolate, foods with refined carbohydrates and sugars. 

Therefore, if you think that particular foods are causing reactions in your body, it is wise to seek medical advice. Do not just make assumptions. The medical guys will let you what is actually the problem and will advise you accordingly. 


You need to take good care of your skin. The unwanted substances that are deposited on your skin need to be gotten rid of the soonest possible. Your skin needs to breathe properly. So, make sure you take care of your skin. Wash it regularly with natural-based skin care products to make sure the excess oils, and dead cells that could possibly clog your skin pores are removed. 

Final Word

The above-discussed are the few known causes of acne. However, it does not connote that there are no other causes. There could be many, but you are good to know the ones explored in this article. Make sure you pay attention to what your dermatologist advises you on acne matters. If you are to avoid certain foods, do so without hesitation. 

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