5 Greatest Ideas for Roof Painting

5 Greatest Ideas for Roof Painting

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Your roof is the protective layer of your home. It protects you and your home from heat, rain, snow, and more. So take good care of your roof, and it will return the favour. 


When it comes to roof maintenance, the basic and most important step is painting it. Most people think painting is purely decorative, but in reality, it is much more than that. If done right, you are reaping the following benefits by painting your roof:


     Extended longevity

     Warm or cool interiors (depending on the steps taken)

     Controls roof leaks

     Improved building value

     Protects against ultraviolet and infrared rays

     Enhanced aesthetics


Thus painting your roof at regular intervals is essential for a well-maintained home. But before you make a beeline for the best roof painting services in Melbourne, let us bounce some ideas off you.

1. Heat Reflective Roof Paint


The human world has accomplished a way to fight cold weather. But all the advancement has ultimately made the planet hotter. The temperatures are rising everywhere—summers are getting hotter, and snow is melting.


So, to beat the heat, we once again designed a revolutionary product called heat-reflective roof paint. People across the globe prefer to get their roofs painted with this paint to cool off their homes. It is also called cool roof paint in some places.


This paint has the ability to bounce away solar radiation and thus keep your roof cool. The other merits of this innovative roof paint:


     Provides better insulation

     Reduced energy usage and so utility bills (due to less need to use aircon)

     Protection against thermal shock

     Prevents corrosion

     Lowered carbon dioxide emission

     Reduces leakages

     Green/sustainable alternative


Due to these various benefits, heat-reflective roof paint has been winning its place in many households.


If heat is a significant issue in your home, consider giving this ingenious product serious thought.


2. Water-based vs. Oil-based


Roof paints are primarily of two kinds. One is water-based paints, and the other is oil-based paints. Each has its perks and disadvantages, depending on your conditions, such as the roof’s texture and style.


Water-based paints are perfect for shingle or cement-tiled roofs. However, oil-based roof paints are more suitable for iron roofs, particularly old and rusty roofs. It’s because the paint’s properties help in keeping the rust away.


Thus understanding your conditions is the first step towards a well-maintained roof. If you have trouble finding the appropriate base, you may also seek a professional painter in Melbourne. They can steer you well with their knowledge.


3. Matched Exteriors and Interiors


We tend to select a paint purely based on the shade. However, there’s more to the process of paint selection than just the hue.


Firstly, see the bigger picture of your home, which is considering both the exterior and interior colours. They need not match exactly, but they must look good as one unit.


Further, your home’s paint choices must also reflect the vibe of your neighbourhood. It can’t be easy on the eye if they are dramatically different.


Another significant aspect of choosing paints is energy consumption. It’s a universal fact that darker hues absorb more energy than lighter ones. So it is vital to consider the weather temperament of your place when choosing paint colours. This can help in cutting down energy consumption and utility bills.


Finally, when choosing paints for our homes, we rarely think about the resale value it adds. But we should keep in mind that every bit of your home plays a part when you want to sell your home.


4. Science of Dark vs Light Tones


Some homes look spacious despite the small property size, whereas some seem restricted even with a spacious layout. Ever wondered why?


It is due to the choice of roof paint. The lighter colours on your roof can make your house seem spacious. Speaking scientifically, light hues reflect more than darker ones, making the area feel more open and airy. 


So make sure to consider the size of your property when picking your roof paint. If your home already has a big layout and you can spare the feel of having more space, you may go for darker tones.


But if your home has limited space, we advise you to go for a lighter colour.


5. Roof Coating


Roof painting and roof coating are two different concepts.


Roof paint is the material applied to change the colour of the roof. But roof coating is a thin layer of liquid added atop the paint to improve durability and energy efficiency.


You can find many different types of roof coatings designed for specific purposes. Simply saying, roof coatings are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and changing temperatures.


If you are going for regular paint, consider having a special roof coat on top. It will help cut extra expenses in the long run.



These are the 5 greatest ideas you’re ever going to need to paint your roof. In a nutshell, roof painting has more science behind it than you realise. Use these tips to restore the glory and beauty of your roof.


We hope this article is helpful in coming to a decision regarding your roof paint.


If your property size is small or moderate and you want to DIY your roof painting, you can do so with these ideas. However, it always brings better results with the help of the right professionals.


You can check out the services of BlueSkyCoatings, a provider of roof painting in Melbourne, to rest assured that your roof is in good hands. 

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