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With a masterful team in place, the Hugonians will be competing in the 2013 48 Hour Film Project.  We will be creating a short film from scratch within a 48 hour time period starting on May 31st. We begin the 48 hours by first choosing the genre of our movie from a hat!!!  Horror, comedy, musical western, plus many more...we won't know until the clock starts.  While winning an award would be mint, we are just looking to have a good weekend filming, acting, editing, writing, eating and hanging out!!

We recently were asked by a friend if donating money would help us.  She was very excited for us and wanted to help I guess. It is hard to say no to an eager person :) While we currently have most of the equipment we need, we could use some additional items, like props, special effects, makeup or even some nice healthy grub for all the players.

By donating to our team, you will hopefully increase our production value and create bigger smiles on our faces.  And maybe in the movie, if we don't pull 'Horror' out of the hat.  We thought it would be cool to give a DVD of our finished product to those that donate over $20.  You can frame it, watch it, transform it into a coaster or mail it back if you wish, but know that your donation truly did help us accomplish this film.

Thanks again for your support!!!

-The Hugonians

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