Monthly Installment Loans In Rebuilding Your Credit

Monthly Installment Loans In Rebuilding Your Credit

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Building credit is easy, but when it comes to rebuilding it, that's where the challenge comes in. There are many factors that can cause a bad credit score, and among the prevalent reasons are missed repayment schedules and exceeding your credit card limit. The first one is the most common due to poor financial management or caused by other financial problems. 

Fortunately, rebuilding a credit score is not as difficult as others think. Yes, it might take a while before you reach a decent score to avail of better benefits, but with due diligence and owning up your responsibility, you can definitely rebuild your credit score. Let these four effective ways be a helpful guide to make that happen. 

Obtain a Secured Loan

There's no other way for you to rebuild your credit score. Taking up installment loans to rebuild credit is the only way for you to gain a good credit standing. However, this time you become more responsible with your loan. If you have already paid all your existing loans and still have a bad credit score, taking out small personal loans can help you. 

Small personal loans are a form of a secured loan,  and these loans are backed up with assets, unlike the traditional personal loan. This is an excellent way for you to practice paying your dues on time. The moment you default on the loan, your collateral will be taken away from you, which is something you wouldn’t want to happen. 

Moreover, when it comes to rebuilding your credit score, don't take out a huge amount. You're on the road to a good credit report, so taking out a huge loan amount will make things difficult as you need to pay for higher monthly dues as well. Start small and be diligent in paying on time. 

On the other hand, if you haven't cleared out all your existing loans, make sure to male payments even in a small amount if that's what you can manage for the time being. Little by little, it will be shown in your credit report.

Apply for a Credit-Builder Loan 

Monthly installments like credit-builder loans are an effective way that can help you rebuild your credit score. A credit-builder loan will help train you to pay your monthly dues on time and improve your credit profile. 

A credit-builder loan is different among other monthly installment loans like typical personal loans. This time, you can only get the money once you're done paying what you owe. 

You can apply for a credit-builder loan in a community bank or a credit union in your area. Make sure to be a member before applying for one. This is an excellent way since they diligently report all your repayments to the credit bureaus. 

Don't ever make a late repayment as this will significantly affect your score. 

Get a Secured Credit Card  

The good thing in applying for a secured credit card is it's tied to your savings. With this, you are passively limited from spending on unnecessary purchases since the credit limit is either the amount in the savings account or its percentage. Like how a traditional credit card works, you need to keep the balance low or at zero and pay the monthly dues on time.

However, it would be best to be proactive when choosing this method in rebuilding your credit score. Some banks don't send credit reports to credit bureaus as they offer to convert the account to a traditional credit card after a certain period. Make sure to check out with them before applying to clear things out. 

Take Out An Auto Installment Loan 

Other than the personal loan, taking out an auto installment loan is easy. It's considered one of the most straightforward loans to apply for, especially in rebuilding credit. Interest rates and loan terms come in different but taking out an auto loan will significantly improve your credit profile. 

If taking out solely an auto loan is difficult and some lenders are extra careful due to your credit score, you can ask a close family or relative to co-sign with you. 

But be careful, though, when using co-signers. In any case that you miss repayment schedules, you might end up hurting your relationship with your co-signer. Your co-signer is held responsible for paying the loan amount the moment you miss a payment. Make sure to pay the dues on time.


Rebuilding a credit score is not as difficult as many borrowers think. Staying committed to paying all your bills on time is indeed quite challenging, especially if you have some financial issues at the moment. It requires you to be responsible and accountable in returning the money you owe. There are many ways that you can get back on track, though, and get that good or excellent credit score that you want. 

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