4 Strategies to Improve Your Hotel Management Software

4 Strategies to Improve Your Hotel Management Software

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The average daily hotel occupancy rate in the US skyrocketed to 66.20% in 2019. It was a watershed moment for the U.S. hospitality industry as hotel occupancy rates plummeted to 44% in 2020 after the pandemic.


The effects of the pandemic have lessened in the years following. Currently, there are over 9 million guests who stay at a Hilton hotel each day, and occupancy levels are almost back to pre-pandemic levels. Clearly, competitor action is intensifying, as hotels must compete for customers to keep up with profits, reduce costs, and streamline operations in order to thrive.


Managing hotel rooms is easier said than done, but a good hotel management software can help you do just that. This will make your jobs much easier as well as help grow your business in crucial ways.


Hotel management software offers new opportunities for improved business processes. You'll get everything like automation, valuable information during booking processes, and improved channel management. They just might be the perfect solution for your business.

On the rare occasion where there is an HMS or software in play, hotel management systems make things easier by integrating smoothly with existing operations. They can also lead to minimal customer service issues and increase overall productivity.


There are a few strategies to improve the profitability of a hotel. One is increasing revenue with hotel management software.

1. Effectively Handling Booking Management Tasks

A hotel management software should effectively and efficiently handle guest booking requests. If the hotel still uses manual inputs to process customer bookings, it's not effectively using its software and losing potential revenue.


The most important features to look for in an HMS management system are automation capabilities. The whole purpose of an HMS is to increase the productivity of staff while retaining company standards. With this system, hotel professionals have more time to promote company products or services and provide outstanding customer satisfaction.


2. Enable Direct Online Bookings

Hotels should get an HMS capable of facilitating direct booking through the hotel's website. Doing so ensures there is a higher quality experience for customers during the booking process. Direct bookings help reduce the potential for unnecessary hassle with travel agencies, providing greater convenience to guests.


When customers can operate on a 24/7 basis, they’re able to take advantage of the convenience offered by hotels. This increases the volume of guests, which leads to higher revenue for hotels.

3. Maximize Channel Management

Many large hotels work best when they're able to leverage their resources and manage complexity by maximizing relationships with business partners. These partnerships help them improve work processes, maximize revenues, reduce costs, and increase brand awareness among other things.


A hotel with multiple business partners in the industry should consider extensively utilizing the HMS channel manager feature. Hotel management solutions with a channel manager module will help form and execute a diversified channel distribution strategy, resulting in centralized booking, organized sourcing of materials and services, and smooth negotiations between the hotel and all its partners.

4. Utilize Online Features

When you understand this process, you'll know that a hotel management system offers the backend infrastructure to help hotels launch a website and reach existing and potential customers online.


Using the new feature, businesses can advertise their services across social media and examine the return on investment from each campaign. You can check out FinanceOnline Social Media Analytics Guide to help you find out what, when and how much your marketing across social media is driving in terms of revenue. Most adults use the internet to make shopping and booking decisions, so it's important that your business has a website. However, we want to help with that portion too! That's why we've created hotel management software that helps even the most hectic business get their website up and running in no time. Offering table-ordering with your hotel can also improve guest experience - both yours and theirs!

5. Get In-depth Analytics and Reports

Today's businesses are all about data. Data-driven decisions save business owners valuable time. Instead of expensive trial and error, these decisions work out based on data. The hospitality industry is no exception in this sense; some of the best-managed hotel operations make critical decisions based on data supplied by analytics software like Orderlina. Hotel systems without an analytics module are worthless when trying to get insights into your brand's operation, which is why a robust hotel management system like Orderlina has powerful analytics and reports generation features that help you uncover hidden gems in your hotel operation.


Analytics are a powerful tool to help marketers – from account management, to order taking, and branding – understand how their campaigns are performing. Hotel analytics allows for the ability to answer questions about your customers, costs, revenues and more.

Creating a Unique Guest Experience With Hotel Management Software

As with any other type of business, running a hotel or tourism business is a complicated process. A hotel management software helps managers overcome obstacles and automate processes. It also helps target plans and achieve company goals.


Hotel management software is widely used in the hotel industry. It offers a variety of features such as, creating a digital menu by using your hotel’s latest mobile ordering system and talking to guests through a chat feature before their visit ever starts. Even tours, events, and dinners can be suggested to guests when they're booking with your business – even before they arrive!


Helps you generate accurate outputs, prepare timely reports, and process results while minimizing repetitive tasks. It also offers seamless integration with other tools so that business-critical information can be shared with others easily.


Hotel businesses with Hotel Management Systems can significantly improve their profitability by fully utilizing the features that provide efficiency. HMGs take away a lot of time and effort by providing scheduling, online connectivity, and marketing tools that make it easier to track consumer information. This small investment allows hotel businesses to begin racking up a new wave of profits as well as additional revenue.



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