4 best tips to organize a dog walkathon

4 best tips to organize a dog walkathon

From Nouman Ahmed

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A dog walkathon is an event in which various dog owners participate in a fundraising dog walk to help an organization achieve its fundraising goal. Dogs are always pleased to have long walks and runs. In this event, the walk is made so much fun by organizing parties, photo booths, and costume contests. This event is organized by a non-profit organization. Their purpose is to raise money for charity or whatever the cause is. They take reasonable admission fees, which are then donated.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips to organize an excellent dog walk-a-thon event:

Prepare an attractive brochure:

To attract the audience of the community, prepare attractive brochures to catch their attention. Mention all the fun activities or facilities you will provide for the dog walk, then tell them how it is a good idea to take a part in it. Don't forget to decide the day and time so that people know when they can participate. Plan it on a weekend, when people are more likely to have free time. It is a good idea to not to have a firm minimum donation or ticket price. Firm fees keep away the people who may not be able to afford it, but could be willing to pay less. So, be humble and welcome everyone to join the dog walk-a-thon! 

Distribution of the brochures:

Distribution of the brochures must be braod. Think big. Print out a massive number of brochures and send these to all the nearby community centers and hotspots. Send these to all the people who attended previous dog walk-a-thons and made big donations. Thank them and invite them humbly to the event. Health care centers, vets, pet stores, and all the other companies related to the event must be welcomed warmly by supplying them with the brochures personally. This promotion will draw the attention of people who are more likely to donate a big amount. Do not forget to distribute them about 3-4 weeks in advance.

Offer two services at the same time:

It is a good idea to offer some services at the event. You can catch the attention of your audience if you offer to give them a car wash and give a good shower to the dogs. Organize the event near the car wash and ask them to volunteer or try to take their services at a discount. People appreciate being able to get something they need and a support a cause they care about at the same time!

Add the fun activities in the event:

A photo booth can be a big win! There is nothing more exciting for a dog owner than to have a cute photoshoot of them while they are playing or having fun. Besides, you will have a great portfolio of pictures that can be displayed at the next event. It will have positive impacts on your business. To raise more funding, you can organize a dog costume contest. Set up an entry ticket and announce an attractive gift for the winner. 

source: factinate

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