3d printer needed for world changing invention

3d printer needed for world changing invention

From Ben Jah Min

I believe that with the technology and materials available to us these days..would allow it to be entirely possible to create an engine that runs on water and produces distilled water as a byproduct

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 without sounding like a complete typical crackpot claiming to have invented a engine that runs off of water I cannot express how genuine and serious this endeavor is. The technology available to us in the previous years has made it either very difficult or incredibly costly to produce raw materials that are durable enough 2 withstand the wear and tear of a functioning water engine. in theory it's founded primarily on the idea of a hot air engine combined with bits and parts of the functionality and operational process in a diesel motor. Without giving up too many details or the specifics of how this will work and offering some kind of explanation. prior to 3D printers the cost and realisticness of Manufacturing and fabricating the parts of the engine that that would have to be made of these materials in order to have any sort of longevity or withstand the naturally occurring caustic nature of water it's oxidizing reaction with most metals or metal infused material.. what I and proposing in theory is to build a very simple single cylinder 2 or 4 valve probably air-cooled cylinder block and over cam head cam controlled removable serviceable cylinder head. The materials I'm going to need to build them out of should be similar 2 he composition of the materials used on the heat shield of the Space Shuttle this is why I need such an expensive 3D printer and such a large one I'm still not entirely sure that this is in the realm of possibilities yet for the 3D printers they're producing but being the clever resourceful intelligent man I am but of course would use this 3D printer to either modify or build with it the parts/printer  that is capable of the tasks required.  all I'm saying is with this 3D printer it's Advanced enough to gold or fabricate anything I can possibly imagine which makes and more than capable to make a better printer or make the parts it needs  to meet my requirements. I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this idea but until now it has been impossible to produce a viable entity that has any sort of longevity or sustainability of realistic cost effectiveness because the materials typically used in the construction of engines has always been some permutation of ferrous or non-ferrous Elemental combination and as it is very commonly known metal and water never mix in the course of time but with my design there would be no metal internal components and it would produce very little Heat could be completely analog. as well as any and all necessary operational functionability can be sustainably empowered with its own volition . the fuel(water)  being used could be dirty or not potable for human consumption as long as it's it's a good concentration of H2O it will burn and exhaust fumes will be water Vapors clean water Vapors my initial idea was to build very simple single cylinder engines that run a generator and Implement them in third world countries that have very little clean water or very little electricity and resources

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