30 $USD, Help Animals Stay Alive During the Corona Pandemic

30 $USD, Help Animals Stay Alive During the Corona Pandemic

From Filantra Official

Let's help preserve the animals in Indonesian zoo's, so they can eat even during the Covid-19

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The problem of animal feed has not been resolved.

The Corona pandemic does not only affect humans, but also affects the lives of animals in conservation environments such as zoos.

Social restrictions due to Covid-19 led to zoos being closed. If the closure continues, it will be difficult for managers to feed the animals. Because the cost of feed for the animals is obtained from visitor fees.

The amount of money spent on food and medicine for the animals means that more than 90% of Indonesian zoos are unable to feed animals for more than one month. With minimal ticket sales, their welfare is now under threat. And this happens in almost all zoos in Indonesia.

All ways have been done by zoo managers, starting from reducing employee and management salaries and allocating them for food collection for animals, but apparently this is still not enough.

If the animals have a shortage of food, then the worst possibility is that the animals will starve to death. And do not rule out the impact on employee efficiency or layoffs. Hopefully it won't happen.

Filantra has been active in helping zoo animals throughout Indonesia through campaigns to help animals during the pandemic. And it seems that these animals cannot be happy because the pandemic has not yet seen its end.


We will return the feed aid from you to the zoos that need it to ensure adequate feed for their animals. What are you waiting for, let's jointly treat animals in need by clicking "DONATE NOW"

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