3 Key Factors to Know About Music Video Distribution

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The passion and drive to create music and share it with the world is a beautiful one. Billions of people all over the globe connect with the biggest name international stars all the way to brand new independent artists every year. The human experience itself simply wouldn’t be what it is without individuals who are bold enough to take their art, record it, and then share it with the world. Even the biggest names in the industry can relate to a time in life when they were scared to put out music or wondered if anyone would ever actually take them seriously. 

While being an artist is exciting and can be deeply satisfying, it is also a very challenging road. Most independent artists are incredibly familiar with the tension that grows between wanting to create and release their music - and the necessity of still having to live in the real world where bills have to get paid somehow. This is one of the reasons why many of the artists that are thriving in the independent music world are resilient and well acquainted with long hours and have careers and jobs that support their passion as they move toward being supported by their music. 

No matter where you are on that long and expansive journey, there are always a host of strategic factors to take into account. What investments of your time and resources will actually produce the best returns for your career as an artist? Does it make sense to release a single right now, an EP, or an entire full-length album?

One common question that a lot of young artists ask - is whether or not releasing a music video is also in their best interest. These projects can be expensive, and time-consuming, and while they are fun - it could be that they aren’t the best investment at the moment. 

If you are looking into releasing your first music video as an artist, you need to know a few things - including what a music video distribution service is. Here are some key factors to know as you move toward making the best decision for your career! 

So let's tackle the first thing that probably has the most unknown factors surrounding it - the music distribution service. Yes, there are a lot of important steps that go into making a music video. Storyboarding the concept, finding the right person to direct it, having the equipment and talent to make the project a reality, and then the post-production of the music video itself. Not to mention that a music video should have a specific release plan so that your socials and fan following can help make its drop as successful as possible. 

But one thing that may confuse people is what exactly a music video distribution service is, and do you really need that on top of everything else? 

The simple answer is that a music distribution service is not necessary to publish a music video on certain public platforms like YouTube. However, there are private platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, or Amazon Music, that simply won’t allow you to post a music video to their streaming platform without a distribution service. 

So not only does a distribution service provide the correct license for you to publish your work almost anywhere, but it streamlines this process. By working with a distribution service, you get a streamlined, painless, and straightforward method of posting to all platforms with one mechanism. 

Creating a music video and promoting it are already massive tasks to undertake on their own, uploading to various streaming platforms is something that shouldn’t be a tax on top of it. With a music video distribution service, not only do you have access to all major streaming platforms, but it automates the process so you don’t have to upload to each streaming service manually. 

For many artists, this convenience alone is well worth the cost of service if it is able to deliver on this level. 

Another aspect of using a music video distribution service is that it can help present your work in a professional way. These services are good at what they provide, and having your work look professional on any streaming platform is well worth the investment. 


If you are thinking that it’s about time you released a music video, then the pros of using a music video distribution service are worth considering. While you can upload to some sights without, it can be worth the investment to be able to upload your work seamlessly to all major platforms! 

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