3 Important Benefits of Zirconia Crowns In Comparison To Por

3 Important Benefits of Zirconia Crowns In Comparison To Por

From Joseph Wirth

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Technological advancements in restorative dentistry have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and these advancements truly have had a profound impact on people’s ability to regain their oral health in efficient ways when they’re experiencing all sorts of dental issues.

One of the these recent dental innovations is zirconia crowns, which is an integrative technology for implant procedures that is incredibly important for both child and adult dental patients. In the past, most people would rely upon porcelain dental crowns to address their implant needs, but today the industry is shifting towards zirconia crowns for a variety of reasons.

Below we’ll be going over some of the reasons why we believe that the entire dental industry should make the shit towards zirconia crowns, and why this type of industry change could be beneficial for both patients and dental healthcare professionals!

Zirconia Crowns Are A Dental Industry Game-Changer

Zirconia is a fascinating metal alloy that does a great job at providing natural tooth appearances while also providing dental implant patients with the strength and durability they undoubtedly require.

More dental experts are replacing their porcelain crowns for zirconia crowns, and it’s important for everyday folks to understand why this is the case. Below are three important benefits oriented around zirconia crowns as compared to porcelain and other ceramic crowns!

Durability & Strength

Zirconia crowns have for a long time been recognized as a much more durable crown material, particularly for a patient’s posterior region. This subsequently makes them a much smarter investment option for people experiencing dental issues as compared to all-ceramic crowns. Many ceramic crowns can experience erosion and shaving over long periods of time, but these are issues that you won’t need to worry about with zirconia crowns!

More Efficient Treatment Timeline

Dental offices always need to take the necessary time to collaborate with manufacturers and mold laboratories when a patient requests ceramic dental crowns, and this process can many times take up to several weeks or even months when you’ll need to visit specific labs in person and then return to your dentist for proper fittings.

The good news is that with zirconia crowns, you can have your entire process completed with just one visit. This is because your dental expert will be more easily able to mold, mill and fit your new zirconia crowns in a matter of hours! This increased treatment timeline is of course very important for those patients that require immediate attention due to all sorts of tooth damages.

Zirconia Is Also Used In Collaboration With Ceramic Crowns

There are some rare instances in which a dental implant patient will prefer to have a full ceramic restoration for aesthetic purposes, but even in these rare scenarios it’s still a good idea to consider zirconia as the base for these types of dental restorations.

3D scans will typically be required in order for your dentist to get a comprehensive understanding of your mouth, and these days porcelain is usually just added in as the final layer so that patients can obtain the tooth color and shape that they personally need.

But what’s great about zirconia crowns is that they’re still continuously developing in terms of color correction technology, which is why they’re on the verge of totally replacing ceramic crowns in the near future!

Contact Your Local Dentist To Learn More About Zirconia Crowns!

If you’re in need of a dental implant, then you should definitely be highly considering zirconia crowns. There’s simply too much evidence showcasing how zirconia is the crown material of the future that the entire industry is gravitating towards, and it’s best to be on the cutting-edge of an industry like restorative dentistry so your new implants will be ready for the future!

You can learn more about zirconia crowns by going to the link at the top of the page to Garland Pediatric Dentistry’s site!



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