3 Best Places to Find Royalty-Free Music for your Startup in

3 Best Places to Find Royalty-Free Music for your Startup in

From Alex Mayers

Launching a start-up, each entrepreneur sets one single goal - to achieve success and profit through the process of solving a particular problem for a specific audience.

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Think about how often you came across the home page of the site of any company and were greeted with a short explainer-video of what this company was and what services it offered. Someone will not pay attention to this, but a really wise businessman ask himself: why is this so?

The thing is that more extensive concepts work here. It's about our psychology. And psychology has long known that people tend to perceive and remember video content better than textual. And this is the answer to the question of why video content conquers new heights every year.

The music is the key

But how to make the video more effective and memorable? Of course, the information that the video conveys to the viewer plays a crucial role. But in no case should you forget about the music. After all, it is music that is the intangible layer that affects our perception most strongly. Try to recall any of your favorite movies, and you will immediately remember the music from it. And when you hear the music, you will immediately think about the film. This is how it works.

But do not worry about long and unsuccessful negotiations with arrogant musicians. Yes, it’s often hard to come to an agreement with them. Fortunately, this work has already been done for you by online resources containing extensive libraries of royalty-free music. And now, instead of negotiating with the musicians, you just need to get a license on one of these sites and use excellent soundtracks for your promotional videos, explainer videos, presentations or else.

Will this make your startup more successful? It’s hard to say something unambiguous here. However, we can guarantee you that music will definitely make your corporate video more memorable and special.

Cut the crap, let's go to the list of the 3 best places, in no particular order, where you can find music for your startup's videos in 2020.

YouTube Audio Library

Well, who has not heard about the YouTube Audio Library. YouTube Creator Studio offers its users the library of music of various genres. Here you can find tracks of such genres as electronics, pop, country, rock, and even rap.

However, there is a problem. The fact is that many authors represented in this library require disclaimers for their authorship and you will not be able to get rid of this. If you are okay with linking to the author’s channels at the end of the video, then go ahead. If not, then perhaps you should look for another resource.

The reason that this platform still appears on all best-of lists is that the music here will delight you with its price. The tracks are relatively cheap or even free, so if your budget is severely cut, this is your choice. However, the variety of tracks is not so great here as on other platforms from our list, so the choice is up to you.


But as for Taketones, here is a completely different situation. Taking all the best from the experience of such projects, the creators of the resource approached the process responsibly and developed such an extensive library that it would amaze your imagination. Indeed, the choice here is very large, and all the music is royalty-free, so again, no showdown with the musicians, only direct cooperation with the platform.

The site offers users 5 types of licenses, including free Creative Commons one. While many platforms send their visitors to deal with an inconvenient search, Taketones has reached a new level in this matter and created an agile search engine where you can configure your wishes as accurately and conveniently as possible.

For those who count on long-term cooperation and plan to create a large number of video content, there is a subscription that provides unlimited downloads.

The constantly updated database of tracks, collections, trending tracks, as well as the uniqueness and quality of music makes Taketones one of the best music platforms of 2020.

Purple Planet

We added the last platform on our today's list for a reason. The reason is that it differs in its approach from the two previous ones. Purple Planet, as the name suggests, is a purple site that offers you extraterrestrial music. If you are looking for inspiration, cosmic and interdimensional motives, then this place is definitely for you.

Another distinguishing feature of the platform is that there is no standard division into genres or categories. But what is here is the distribution of tracks by the feelings that they cause. Motivational, inspirational, confident, hopeful, funny, emotional and other tracks for you to choose. Not bad huh? This is a non-standard approach and because of that one thing, we should appreciate the creators of the resource. After all, we often look not for something specific, but for a track that will cause us certain emotions.

The license for small commercial projects like YouTube video is free (with the condition of linking). Music in the video for your startup will cost you from $5 to $40, depending on your needs.


Of course, there are many such platforms. The fact is that the choice of a resource always remains with entrepreneurs. Someone needs one separate track and that's it. Someone is looking for a complete soundtrack for a series of cool videos. And someone relies on video content as the main direction of their marketing and then seeks profitable long-term cooperation.

Our list is those platforms that were personally tested by us and did not cause any emotions other than satisfaction. All three are known, and all three are different because we wanted to list platforms that do not use the same approach. Our task was to show you what directions exist in this market. And what to choose is always up to you.

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