3 Basic Fundraising Principles

3 Basic Fundraising Principles

From Nicky Bella

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Do you have a business idea but don't have enough money to make your dreams come true? Of course, you can win a jackpot if you continue to Playamo. But you can also ask for donations. These 3 basic principles will help you to find donors and get more money for your company.

Gather the People

This principle is the main. All fundraising is based on this principle. No matter what you do - asking for a donation, holding an event, writing posts on social networks, launching websites, organizing events, answering the phone - everyone with whom the business comes into contact should feel that he is first and foremost a person, not a source of funds.

You have to share his interests, take care of his time, give him reasons to be happy, share his sorrows, and tell him the truth. This is fundamentally important. Only then will they believe you. Only with this approach, people will share their money, connections, ideas and time with you, bring their relatives, not abandon you in difficult times and celebrate your common victories.

Trust Is the Main Thing

All your business has is a reputation. The risk of losing it is the worst fear of all for everyone.

What do others say about you? How do we talk about your company? How do you account for the funds you have raised and how do you use them? How do you look and how clean is your place? Who are on your governing bodies and who donates to you?

Honest and open activities add to the organization's credibility in the community. In life, no

one is immune to blunders and mistakes. You have organized a bad event and let a partner down; you have prepared a low-quality financial report and caused discontent of the donor; there were negative comments in the media and you were bombarded with questions from benefactors. In these situations, only the accumulated reputation can help us in such situations.

Money Is For Possibilities

Ask for a donation for a reason. Tell the donor about the solution. Describe figuratively and vividly the picture of opportunities for the beneficiaries. Praise your organization for the competence, experience, and resources it already possesses. Emphasize that these factors will ensure the success of the project together with the donor. Focus on what your business does better than others. Describe its advantages over others rather than its qualities.

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