3 Angels Retreat & Community Project

3 Angels Retreat & Community Project

From Tamara Ruckdeschel

We are developing a 7th Day Adventist/Messianic community for people looking to unite under God as a family - serve God and His children - by seeking the lost and living an apostolic lifestyle.

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Every day I see people I know and love in unhealthy situations and relationships because they are afraid of being alone.  Other friends of mine have lost their spouse, siblings, parents, or their entire families to death and find themselves alone.  People who have never been married or had children of their own eventually consider who they have to share their lives with as they continue down life's path.  Each of these people has value, talents, and so much love to give.  They are patriotic, law-abiding individuals with knowledge, experience, and the will to help others.

Our community project supports those who are pro-community, pro-liberty, and pro-life.  We offer an opportunity to find fulfillment in an apostolic lifestyle in service to something greater than self.  

Join us to find out more about this project by visiting www.3am-ministry.org.


Not one of God’s children should live or die alone.  We exist to love and serve one another as the family of God.

3 Angels Message Ministry and the 3 Angels Retreat and Community project are to provide a home, family, and support system for Commandment-Keeping Christians, and the power that comes from connection with God.  Our community is to serve disciples of Yeshua (Jesus), those who wish to live a life in service to the God of the Bible and who may fit one of the following descriptions:

a.       Widow(er)s

b.       Adventists/Messianics seeking their place in this world.

c.       Expectant mothers and infants having nowhere else to turn when they choose life over abortion.

d.         Those Orphaned at any age.

1.       Initial Stage: Lodging to generate revenue to support the project.

a. Build and operate a bed & breakfast.

This stage ensures we always have, "room at the inn". Luke 2:7

General notes on this stage are that the B&B will feature a Manager’s quarters, a commercial kitchen (to provide meals for our tenants and also possibly catering to the public), a large dining area with an island for bar-type seating, and room to seat around 50 people comfortably (for cake tasting, rehearsal dinners, small professional events, etc.).  There will be 6 units (master suites) to rent out, each with either a private patio or balcony.  The B&B will require parking for at least 40 vehicles to start.  Among other amenities, a pool and a hot tub will be centrally located. 

Note: Exhibits are shared with certain tiers of benefactors.

Exhibit A: Bed & Breakfast interior and exterior drawings with landscape included. Detailed documentation will include itemized excavation, building, and hospitality operating expenditure, income projections, along with market research, planning, and analytics; along with economic impact projections. 

Exhibit A1 – A3: Features material lists for development and construction of each stage of this project.

b. Build and manage tri-plex casitas to accommodate additional guests for the bed & breakfast.

Each casita will be positioned to have private entrances with private patios.  One will be a studio, the second a 1 bedroom, and finally a family unit with a Master on-suite, additional bed/bath, kitchenette, and lounge area.  Each will have an efficient footprint designed with the family unit upstairs.  Also, a door adjoins the two first-floor suites to expand marketability. 

Exhibit B: Interior and Exterior drawings with landscape included.  Detailed notes and other documentation including itemized expenditure and income projections for each tri-plex added to the facility.

2.       Second Stage: Events Center to serve our mission, community, individuals, and other organizations from the surrounding areas.

a.       Build a large barn as an event venue.

A large barn has been designed and will be constructed to host public and private events.  This will feature a large commercial kitchen, male and female restrooms, dressing rooms, photography areas, stage, sound system, dance floor, and bar area.  Hebrews 13:1, 2

Exhibit C: All drawings and details of our large barn designed to be an event venue, including financial projections.

b.       Build an additional barn/large shed to be constructed for utility purposes, such as storing various event props, furniture, additional event, and photography supplies.

Exhibit D: Drawings and details for a utility barn to house equipment and supplies for both the B&B and Event Venue.

3.       Our End Goal: A Commandment-Keeping Christian Community to support our commission as Disciples of Yeshua (Jesus). Acts 2: 36-47

Our final but most important aspect of this investment is our on-site cooperative community.  We will be using the revenue generated above to build cabins to house our community of volunteers, missionaries, laymen, and parishioners.  These cabins are designed for minimalist living, a small footprint, and will provide housing for singles and widows/ers, married couples, or families with children.  Each unit will feature a small but efficient kitchenette for convenience but allowing for meals to be in common in the community building. 

The community building will be the structure the community is centered around.  This is to make sure everyone in the community is provided wholesome, natural foods, at regular intervals and everyone is invested in the community through accountability and service to one another.  Think of this community as a social experiment, returning to the ways of the apostolic church in the days of the book of Acts.  It will be like an all-inclusive resort where the guests share in the responsibility of growing, cooking, serving, cleaning up, and caring for one another. 

Exhibit E: Singles Unit drawings and details

Exhibit F: Family Unit drawings and details

Exhibit G Layout for paved drives, roadways, and parking

Project Notes:

Security is a must for our guests, residents, and our animals.  A fence is required around the entire property.  A public gate/gatehouse is designed to match the feel of the guest house, casitas, and other outbuildings to provide continuity and security to our guests and residents during both public and private events.  The public areas are designed for aesthetics while the private and residential portions have more utilitarian safety applications. 

That said, all staff, volunteers, and residents will be thoroughly screened prior to being hired, accepted, or admitted into the community.

An important aspect of this retreat/community will be that we are as self-sustaining as possible and therefore will require solar panels, a large garden/agricultural area, at least one large arbor or greenhouse, orchards, fencing, and cleared pasture areas.  As you can imagine, landscaping is particularly important and depending on the placement of the buildings, we may need breezeways, walking paths, sidewalks, but would like to keep excavation expenses to a minimum.  

The property will require a well for water, septic installed for the B&B, Events Center, and the community, along with the installation of all utilities.  We are pursuing a property with an abundant water source, south-facing open sky from East to West for solar, and natural gas with all necessary mineral rights.

We are currently located in Colorado but relocating as soon as we procure the property.  We could use assistance with every part of the bid process, and management of all facets of labor needed to accomplish these tasks.  This is why we are willing to start small, develop a relationship with the necessary firms along with other reliable contract labor, to grow this community over the next 5 years.

Exhibit H: A list of grants we have applied for; current and potential partners; and finally, more detailed information about our founding and planned operations.

My name is Tamara Ruckdeschel, My first degree is in cut & sew design and I am also a certified Interior Designer to streamline the initial building specifications and construction.  Our community will reflect an old-world aesthetic in a gothic-meets-modern-meets-rustic style for those who appreciate a variety of architectural details, have talents and want to hone their skills within the community.  We have decided on prefab concrete construction to keep costs low, using stone and wood accents for an earthy, natural vibe while keeping the design soft with arch windows, open rafters, abundant natural light, textures, and possibly a circular stairwell in the lobby/reception area leading to the second floor.  As we expand, we will use a variety of faux architectural pieces to dress up the concrete and deliver the aesthetic we are aiming for (Polyurethane moldings, gables, corbels, columns, and trim, 3D textured wall and ceiling panels, engineered hardwoods, and wood-look ceramic tiles, etc. for cost-effectiveness, durability, and functionality).

3 Angels Message Ministry is a non-profit education-focused ministry looking to relocate from Mesa County, Colorado to Buncombe County, North Carolina.  The property we are seeking is 50 - 500 acres that border public land to build facilities that include a bed and breakfast with additional casitas for rent, a large barn to host public and private events/classes, a commercial kitchen to provide meals for guests, catering for our events, and the community at large.  Ultimately, we aim to develop a 7th Day Adventist/Messianic (Commandment-keeping) Christian residential community to house our employees, volunteers, missionaries, parishioners, any whose lives have been given to service to God and their fellow man, and children orphaned or abandoned by parents who chose life over abortion.  We will also have equestrian facilities to support services such as boarding, classes, therapy, and recreation.

We are in the process of hiring a local attorney, accountant, real estate agent, architect, general contractor, and subcontractors for excavation, sustainable implementation practices in our plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and landscaping in the area we are looking to relocate to.  (A list of *Partners will be provided to Platinum and Rhodium Level Benefactors)

Once we are completed, have joined the local Churches, Chamber(s) of Commerce, and partnered with any schools that would like to get involved with our internship program, we will be employing a range of positions of both skilled and unskilled labor as follows:

·         Events Coordination

·         Reception

·         Hospitality

·         Culinary

·         Wait Staff

·         Janitorial

·         Landscaping

·         Training

·         Security (contracted)

Our community consists of volunteers who live their life to connect with the local villages, towns,  and cities to recruit participation in our events and services.  This is our way of letting the surrounding communities know the God of heaven was born a man, died for them, was resurrected as an example of the promise to come, and is supporting them to overcome adversity because he loves them.


How this project will make a difference in the community, a description of the organization that exists now within our community or group, and how this relocation project will shape a different story.

We currently facilitate programs to provide outreach to couples, youth, and the elderly along with our founding purpose of getting people to read their Bibles for themselves.  Our podcast has been our main tool for outreach but has had more of a global effect than a local effect, and with this project, the goal is to help people closer to home.  We do not currently have facilities where we are located to provide the services we plan to provide when relocating to the new area.

We would like to extend our programs to encompass persons who are at a point in their lives wanting to give their heart to serve the God of the Bible and maybe needing rehabilitation from trauma, addiction, and/or transition back into society after losing a spouse, children, close friends, or loved ones.  We aim to be close enough to Asheville and other larger cities and towns to make the drive convenient but far enough away that while at our facilities, those in recovery are not intimidated by disruption, distracted with temptations, suffer reminders of past trauma or harassed by outside influence.

When completed and to launch, we plan to employ at least 20 people in both full-time and part-time positions. 

To fill our positions, we are looking to partner with local churches, colleges, vocational schools, business incubation centers, co-workspaces, and the local workforce center to provide internships and on-the-job training to those Christians most in need of employment.

Since we will be providing lodging; public and private events such as weddings, family reunions, school functions, concerts, competitions, corporate meetings, fundraising, and equestrian events; horse boarding, riding lessons, equestrian therapy sessions, and guided trail rides, to generate revenue for our community, there are many opportunities to engage the neighborhood and community as a whole.

Our goal is to be as self-sustaining as possible, so we will use sustainable energy and practices, having orchards, gardens, and greenhouse(s) to supply our kitchen.  These will also be used for educational purposes in our Ministry of Healing, cooking, and nutritional courses.


How the project connects to “Ensuring Positive Place,” “Connecting People,” and /or “Improving Equitable Opportunity.”

By providing an indoor/outdoor venue for public and private events, we are hoping to introduce ourselves and our programs to and engage with the community.  Our programs ensure a positive place, include efforts to develop a bond between people and nature by providing safe hiking trails, equestrian therapy, and potentially a community garden.  Our facilities will consistently offer Biblically-based classes, counseling, and celebrations with an open invitation to the community through social media, Meetup, and other community bulletin boards via both local and digital means.  By getting involved in the local Chambers of Commerce, churches, and other non-profit organizations along with for-profit corporations, we hope to host various public and private events that reach many other facets of the community to connect local people as well. 

While working with the community as an equal opportunity employer and advocate, we hope to identify biases and disadvantages, whether conscious or unconscious and develop programs that can educate the offending institutions and/or persons; but also, programs that can heal the damage to the individual that prejudice and discrimination has been perpetrated against.  These programs would include seminars that involve professional guest speakers on Human Resource law, considerations, and practices; team-building exercises; self-empowerment courses; self-defense classes; nutrition and cooking classes, parenting classes, and all of these having a focus on self-esteem with each of us having value as an individual and as part of a community of believers.

Security one of the few services that we foresee being contracted by an off-site provider.  Additional security volunteers may be considered for specific events.  Our volunteers will have the opportunity, when it is available, to be outdoors or inside, to participate in events to learn a trade, experience the blessing of helping others, and gain access to all of our sponsored self-help events without cost to them.

Project Budget 

How these donations will be used.

Our main focus is safety and serving our guests, visitors, and residents.  We need to consider where we create and maintain the structures, parking, bike, and walking trails, so they are safe at any time of day or night.  We will also need surveillance throughout the public areas of the main house, grounds, outbuildings, parking areas, and where we keep the animals.  Therefore, one expense is to have a gated property that is inconspicuously but completely fenced in and manned by security personnel. 

Therefore, it is also paramount to provide on-site educational childcare facilities for our employees, volunteers, guests, and residence.  For this reason, the planning of such facilities are in their infancy stages and will be structured strategically as we grow in size and have additional funding available.

Another foreseen and ongoing expenditure would be to offset the supply costs of providing the "Ensuring Positive Place,” “Connecting People,” and /or “Improving Equitable Opportunity" programs to the community.  Some of which will be office and training equipment to keep costs of printing media materials and handouts low by printing in-house or by using digital means to display and communicate our calendar of events and curriculum.


Our capital, budget, and spending for this project and how this project will be sustained going forward.

The land will be leased from a local real estate investor that purchased this property with the express purpose of leasing it to us at a lower than the market rate for this project.  The lease will be perpetual in nature, and the deed to be awarded to us as joint tenants with the right of survivorship.  Capital for groundbreaking, construction, utility installation, and any down payments are being supplied by private donations to our ministry and through crowdfunding.

Our primary funding will come from lodging.  The first building to be erected is a bed and breakfast with 6 suites available for rent, a dining hall to seat around 50 people, a commercial kitchen to cook, and provide catering for events.  As this initiative supports our growth, we will build additional tri-plex casitas for additional suites to rent for additional operational funding.

Secondary funding will be provided by our private and public events such as weddings, family reunions, school functions, concerts, competitions, corporate meetings, fundraising, and equestrian events.  In the initial building phase, we will have one large barn erected for the sole purpose of hosting events and designed to house up to 500 persons inside.  It will have public restrooms, dressing rooms, an office, a commercial kitchen, a dance floor, and a large outside patio. 

Tertiary funding will be from horse boarding, riding lessons, equestrian therapy sessions, and guided trail rides. Therefore, an additional barn will be built containing our landscaping equipment and machinery, hay/feed, horse stalls, and equestrian equipment.

Other Ongoing funding

·         Donations: Large objects donated that are not ministry-related will be sold at public auctions periodically to convert the value of the donated objects to operational funds for 3 Angels Community and our programs outlined in this application.

·         Renewable energy: If available, can be sold back to the grid for compensation.

·         Renewable agriculture: Surplus produce from our own organic orchards, gardens, and a large greenhouse can be sold to support our programs and community.  Breaking ground for a membership-based community garden will provide subscription model revenue for our programs and community also.

·         Registered Community Cooperative: Each resident will “buy-in” to the community and also pay monthly membership fees to cover facilities, utilities, and food so that this aspect will also be self-sustaining.  The application process is similar to applying to live in an assisted living center or nursing home. Any excess accumulated capital will go back into the community by supplying infrastructure, transportation, health-related, or educational requirements as needed.

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