• 27 Major companies that accept Bitcoin

• 27 Major companies that accept Bitcoin

From Julia Beyers

Bitcoin has surprised the public with its significant growth over the past few months. The cryptocurrency which was deemed dead by many just two years ago, is now becoming a reserve asset for a great many companies

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Soon enough, everyone will be able to buy Bitcoin in no time!

 Due to this rapid growth, a large number of companies have started to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for their services, products, and donations. In the next few sections we will introduce some of the largest companies you should look out for. Ready to delve in? Let’s get started.

Wikipedia, the world’s largest free encyclopedia, allows people to donate Bitcoin through BitPay.

Supporters of the popular team will be able to purchase tickets using Bitcoin and Litecoin, with all of the proceedings going to charity.

Users can pay with Bitcoin to top up their account. There has been some controversy with Microsoft in the past, as the company briefly stopped accepting crypto for a while only to later continue once again.

Another sports team that accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment, does so through BitPay. Fans of the team are able to buy both tickets and merchandise of their favourite team.

Another company that allows its customers to pay with cryptocurrency through BitPay is mobile carrier AT&T. It is the first American mobile company to do so.

Do you want to book a seat for the future of space travel? Virgin allows you to do so, even though the price tag is quite hefty.

Several franchise locations of popular fast food chain Burger King have started accepting crypto. According to reports, Venezuela and Germany are the only locations where you can currently make such orders.

Scandinavian Airline Norwegian Air has enabled cryptocurrency payment solutions, allowing their customers to pay in their preferred cryptocurrency.

The largest airline in the Baltic states has also followed suit, integrating BitPay for all sorts of cryptocurrency payments.

For a limited time, all of KFCs franchise locations in Canada have opened up to Bitcoin payments in exchange for the new “Bitcoin Bucket”. The company uses BitPay at the moment and sees this effort as an experiment to better understand the target audience.

One of the most popular platforms to acquire domain names has been accepting Bitcoin since early in its growth cycle (2013) due to high demand from its tech-savvy user base.

Popular e-commerce retailer Overstock formed a partnership with Coinbase to allow cryptocurrency payments on their platform.

Looking to book a plane ticket? Then look no further than CheapAir. The online travel agency started accepting Bitcoin a while ago, and is currently doing so with the help of BTCPayServer.

Many franchise locations of Subway currently accept or plan to accept Bitcoin for their services. While the initiative started as far back as 2014, there are still issues that need to be addressed before the fast food chain makes BTC payments available across all its chains.

With the holiday season coming up, you will probably need some gift cards. This is where Gyft can be of use. The platform accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment, and makes sure to point out that there are no additional fees when doing so.

The popular streaming platform allows its users to make donations using cryptocurrency as a payment method. Twitch temporarily stopped Bitcoin payments earlier last year but continued them shortly after.

Large online retailer of electronics and computer hardware, NewEgg is one of the earliest companies to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment due to popular demand from its audience.

The controversial index of “pirated” movies and software accepts cryptocurrency donations since early 2013, and is still actively doing so.

A digital knowledge base that offers access to access to a large web archive also accepts cryptocurrency donations for its service.

The popular imageboard platform allows anonymous users to communicate with each other on various boards, spanning across many different topics. At the moment of this writing, the platform accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and well as Litecoin for access to the platform (registration).

Looking to add an additional level of browsing security? Then look no further than Express VPN, one of the few services that accept cryptocurrency for VPN subscriptions.

If you want to use a service similar to Dropbox or Onedrive but wish to pay in crypto, consider using Mega.nz instead. Created in 2013 by Kim Dotcom (prolific Bitcoin supporter), the platform accepts cryptocurrency for several of their paid plans.

Portuguese football club Benfica accepts Bitcoin for tickets and merchandise, while also considering additional cryptocurrency payment options in the coming future.

A crypto-related travel agency that provides solutions to accommodation, transport, plane tickets and more, all paid in Bitcoin.

Pay with Bitcoin for many different pizza orders from your favourite franchise locations, including Dominos and Pizza Hut.

Popular mobile gaming provider Zynga allows its users to conduct in-game payments using cryptocurrency. The platform became extremely popular nearly a decade ago, thanks to their Facebook games.

Do you want to buy PC games, or other electronic devices? This website accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method and satisfies most of your tech demands.


The stores shown above are merely a few of the hundreds (if not thousands) of stores all around the globe accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. We expect to see a large rise in Bitcoin acceptance over the next few years, as cryptocurrency enters the mainstream and continues making transactions easier and more convenient than the traditional banking system.

Keep in mind that most of the above-mentioned retailers do not accept Bitcoin directly, but use third parties to allow your payment to be processed while they accept traditional FIAT payments.

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