23 Amazing Publishing Ideas for Instagram

23 Amazing Publishing Ideas for Instagram

From Shahbaz Ahmed

Still wondering what to post on Instagram.

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Here are 23 ideas for the Instagram post to get more eyeballs on your content.


1: Share a tip

What could be better than sharing a tip with your followers? Whatever your niche is, you have to give advice, and it is an opportunity to discuss with your audience. You can share it in the description or create a specific visual to catch the eye.


2: Post a comment or a customer testimonial

Have you received a positive comment or a testimonial from one of your customers? Why not put it forward? There is nothing wrong with being proud that your customers are satisfied. After all, you are working hard for that!


3: Share a positive thought

Positive thoughts are particularly appreciated on Instagram. Not only can this give a boost, but it also helps cultivate a positive attitude.


4: Teaser an upcoming event

Have you planned the event such as Conference, seminar, training, or even a new product? Create a small teaser to reveal part of your project. Arouse the curiosity of your readers and make them want to know more.


5: Ask a question

Do you want to start an exchange? Ask your followers a question. Whether it is open or not, you are almost certain to have feedback and to be able to initiate heated conversations or even debates on your account.


6: Create a video

The video format is not only reserved for Facebook or YouTube, but Instagram also encourages users to create videos. There are two solutions i.e., publish a video directly on your feed (always in square format and of one-minute maximum) or on IG TV. On IGTV, you can share longer videos in vertical format.


7: Tell a story

Did something special happen to you that you wanted to share? Post a photo and tell your story. It could be a happy event, an ordeal you went through, or any story you wanted to tell. For more impact, consider involving the reader by allowing them to share their stories too about that topic in the comments.


8: Post a funny photo

Humor is always fashionable on Instagram. Who doesn't like to see funny photos or videos appear on their feed? Have you found a meme that you like? Share it!


9: Put your pet in the spotlight

Our four-legged companions are always much appreciated. Share a photo of your pet to introduce him to your followers; it will have its little moment of glory for sure.


10: What's in my bag

It's a particularly popular concept, whether it's on YouTube or Instagram, and which involves sharing what's in your bag. People love this type of publication. Of course, it's best to find an angle that works for your business. Are you a blogger? You may never go out without your microphone, your tripod, or even your computer. Show behind the scenes to your followers!


11: Share your routine

You can go even further and share a routine that works for you. How do you manage to juggle professional and personal life? Do you have a habit of doing your sport in the morning? To read a good book every night to cut yourself from your job? Tell your routine in pictures or, better yet, in the video.


12: Share a DIY in progress

A DIY in progress? Do you have a decorative desire that you want to carry out or just a project you are working on? Share your progress with your followers and show them what you can do! How proud to carry out a project. It is a way of sharing your daily life without revealing too much.


13: Post your favorite place

Are you visiting a place that is particularly close to your heart? Are you nostalgic about your favorite place? Share your favorite landscapes with your readers and explain what you like about this place.


14: Share a success

Have you just taken an important step? Whether professional or personal, consider sharing your success with your Instagram followers! A little self-gratification never hurts. It is also a nice way to inspire others to pursue their dreams and desires.


15: Propose a challenge

What better way to create enthusiasm and to unleash the crowds than a small challenge. The idea? Explain what you want to set up and tag another user to challenge him to take up your challenge. This kind of idea can go far and allow you to reach a new audience.


16: Share a quote

This idea of ​​post for Instagram is not very original; we grant you. Yet the quotes are very popular and are always appreciated. As a bonus, they are very easy to publish.


17: Show your activity

Wondering what to post on Instagram? Here’s a new post idea for your account. From time to time, it is always interesting to show your activity. Your followers do not necessarily follow you since your beginnings and may have forgotten what you are doing. Present your activity in a few lines and explain to them how you can support or help them.


18: Comment on a news item

Is there something going on in your heart? You can talk about news on your Instagram account. As much to warn you right away, political or religious posts are often controversial, so it is up to you.


19: offer a freebie

People love free content. Prepare a freebie, especially for your Instagram followers, and put a direct link in your bio (in exchange for an email address, of course).


20: Share your to-do list

A big week awaits you, or on the contrary, your agenda is (finally) empty? Publish the photo of your to-do list or your agenda with your followers.


21: Photograph your cup

Whether you're a coffee or tea drinker, "the cup" is still very popular on Instagram. Take a photo and share this moment of relaxation with your followers.


22: Recommend a blog

Do you have one (or more) favorite blog (s)? Share the link with your followers and explain what you like about this blog. If the blogger in question is on Instagram, consider tagging him/her, of course ;-).


23: Highlight outfit for the day

No need to be a fashion blogger to share your outfit for the day, especially if you feel good in your sneakers! Take advantage of a full-length mirror to take a picture of yourself and post the result on your Instagram account.

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