22 PTSD Awareness Challenge 2017

22 PTSD Awareness Challenge 2017

From The War Writers Campaign

The Campaign's Kayak For The Cause has joined 22PAC - A 22-mile PTSD Awareness Challenge to raise funding for our cause in support of our veteran community!

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Giving Levels

Cover Design and Formatting

This amount helps The Campaign in the design and production phase of publication. Your contribution helps us to fuel the creative side of our movement and highlight the importance of storytelling in our community.


E-Book and Print Run production

This amount helps The Campaign develop and maintain the online publishing platform for veteran and family member storytelling. We maintain print run and e-book formats to immortalize the words of our heroes.


General Operations

This amount helps The Campaign maintain operations as a premier nonprofit publishing house for veteran and family member storytelling. We keep the lights on and maintain our innovative storytelling platform with your support!


Support a Veteran or Family Member Author

This amount helps The Campaign support one veteran or family member author through the entire publication process. We are able to cultivate stories, design books for production, and provide the platform for our voices to live on forever!


Support an Author/Book Publicity Campaign

This amount supports an entire publicity campaign uniquely designed for an individual War Writer or one of our upcoming titles. Your contribution helps to put our books on the shelves and in the hands of our readers!


More Info

Sign up as a kayaker to participate in the event: 

KAYAK PARTICIPANT details and registration

Sign up to attend the beach party event after the kayak trip: 

AFTER PARTY ATTENDEE details and registration

More about The War Writers' Campaign:


  • Assist veterans in telling their own story
  • Engage them where they are in the power of therapy through communication
  • Empower veterans through physical and online publications that generate royalties, create awareness for change, and provide a platform for reciprocal altruistic giving through donated works – literally a platform for veterans helping veterans
  • Cultivate tangible impact for advocacy - 100% of donations and proceeds from published work go directly back to best in class veterans programs, to the authors as part of a royalty for their work, and to The Campaign to continue our storytelling efforts.

We aim to build a supportive network of veterans, family members, and supporters nationwide, that will uplift and support our authors and storytellers.  The Campaign will be a sounding board for veterans and their families to reach out for advocacy, awareness, and change in the veteran space and in their communities.

You can help to support The Campaign with a tax-deductible contribution that helps us to realize this important mission. With your help, we can help veteran and family member storytellers record their important piece of history and preserve it for generations to come. 

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