20yo Writing Her 1st Book

20yo Writing Her 1st Book

From J.S. Boyce

Like a grant, but DIY! :) "Lessons I learned in Quarantine from Two White Girls and a Pitbull named Ben" Please see the images above for Stats and Deadline :) You can email me at jayzellesole@gmail.com

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I feel like to go through this experience of quarantine without compiling and making available to the people around me the transformative experiences that I have observed in my life and the lives of other young people around me during this pandemic, would be an absolute mockery of the school that is life… so im writing my own little timepiece of sorts, or as I like to call it; 'A Rona Piece'.


This book details lessons I learned about everything from the toxic relationships/friendships that young people accept to how insanely efficient we are at fooling ourselves into ‘moving past’ trauma through false identity and self separation; 

to rediscovering my black body in the context of close friends that I felt like could never understand the deepest parts of what that meant, no matter how much they cared; 

to realizing that vulnerability… true vulnerability, the kind you get caught in when it's too late and you're sat staring at someone you really want to trust with so much fear that you physically feel it culminate inside of your chest; 

to the relief letting it go...no matter the response.

(Honestly, this is the tip of the Iceberg)

The Why

There is so much more that I in the truest parts of my being want to make available to the collective and if even one person learns these lessons from my book...then I would consider myself fulfilled. 

Because as it happens once these things are known and truly realized we have no choice but to spread them. If not through a book or physical creative venture, through our very presence as we live a life that acknowledges these things as true.

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