2023 Tax Season Begins

2023 Tax Season Begins

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The Tax Season is in 2023, with tax filing due by April 15th. If you're sick of your Taxpayer Advocate being unavailable

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The Tax Season is in 2023, with tax filing due by April 15th. If you're sick of your Taxpayer Advocate being unavailable, then join us at Workhy. This is the last opportunity to get a personal refund before they are gone! Workhy is the right online accounting service to use, no matter where you live. The tax season is a busy and demanding time of the year when Americans file income taxes, pay property taxes, and buy new home accessories.

How To File Your Taxes to the IRS

There are many ways to file for taxes to the IRS. The first and most convenient one would be to file online. Other people prefer filing through the mail, which is the traditional way. You need to have some filing papers to ensure that you will have the best chance to withdraw some expenses. 

However, when you visit Workhy you can be sure you only need your social security number to start the filing process. It will only take half an hour to confirm your income through your employer's W2 transcript. However, if you are an entrepreneur you may need to ask for some additional information from your dedicated accountant.

Why Ask for an Accountant for your Taxes

There is a great need to ask for accountants to file for your taxes. That happens because laws change all the time, and you need to be aware of any tax bracket changes. On the other hand, your accountant knows better what are the eligible expenses that will offer you the tax deduction you always wanted. The main goal would be to reduce your taxes without showing illegal expenses. Even though you are highly unlikely to be selected by the IRS for a random check, there is always the chance you can be monitored. So you better be prepared and allow your accountant to communicate with the tax authorities.

Is there any fine If you Don't File your Taxes?

There is certainly a fine if you decide not to file for your taxes. People who forget to file their taxes till April 15th each year may face issues with their credit score and their social security number. The IRS has the chance to trace the ones that wouldn't mind filing their taxes. You will be exempt from the payments system, and you should also expect to be called for an audit by the IRS.

The same applies to people who forget or have a certain illness that does not allow them to file for their taxes on time. They need to see their accountant right away and then file for the taxes as soon as possible. Even though they will pay a fine, it's always better to have a reason for your procrastination than showing you don't believe in the IRS tax system.

Why do Most Americans Receive a Tax Return from the IRS?

Most Americans belong to low-income families. When you have three kids, and you live in a rented home, you are eligible for financial aid. So even when you make more than 30,000$ per year, you are still way down the nationally accepted poverty line. That's why all people with low income will receive the well-known bank cheque with Uncle Sam on it. Depending on the amount of taxes withheld from their weekly pay cheques, they will receive the right tax return. Most people will be eligible for the IRS tax return. The cheque is as good as cash and payable to face value in every bank. However, most people use it directly at Walmart or other retailers to buy goods and services for their families. 

Will Upper Tier Income Americans Pay more in 2023 Tax Season?

Under the Democrats' administration, upper tier income American families may expect to pay more in taxes in 2023. That happens because Americans of that income tier going beyond the 300,000$ per year will need to support the whole economy with their income. It's short of resharing the income to help the poor. The IRS's role would be to reveal the ones that falsely claim to be poor and hide their taxable income. As soon as they do so the tax base will increase, and the system will be fairer for everyone living in America.

Final Words

Asking for financial advice from Workhy would be the best thing to do. It's the smartest move you could make since Workhy has the right associates to deal with your case. No matter what State you reside in, you will have information about the federal IRS taxation and the State taxes where you live.

However, you need to be sincere with your income to your accountant. Only then will you have the right solution for your taxable income and pay less to the State no matter how much you make!









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