NCAA Tournament: Alabama, 9 Others Dominate SEC Odds Ranking

NCAA Tournament: Alabama, 9 Others Dominate SEC Odds Ranking

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Last year, the NCAA may have been in a miserable situation after getting suspended because of the world health crisis. But, this year the season is about to get jolly as the 2021 March Madness is entering in the next few weeks. Getting headquartered this year at the main field in Lucas Stadium, Indiana, the event starts this March 14, Selection Sunday. 

Every year, the NCAA All Men’s Basketball is attended by 32 divisions carrying 357 collegiate participants. One of the divisions that bring the most number of entries in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Founded in 1932, SEC has already made twenty-one NCAA basketball titles and is looking to add more during the upcoming March Madness season. 

Hence, as you go along and witness the big comeback of the NCAA season today, it’s a must that you should be guided with the best schools that might enter the 68 seeded teams in the Selection Sunday. Here are the expert picks you should take heed to determine the outcome that the Southeastern Conference has.  

Alabama Crimson Tide

Last season, the Alabama Crimson Tide was running in circles at SEC. They failed to enter the First Round and left the 2019 NCAA in an upset. Today, it seems that the odds are in their favor taking the top seed. Alabama currently has ten victories and one loss. On Wednesday, they will meet South Carolina and Georgia on Sunday. 

Missouri Tigers 

Settling next to the Alabama Crimson Tide in the SEC odds ranking are the Missouri Tigers. This school had shown-up well in the past NCAA seasons, but they surprised the crowd this time. Missouri currently earns six wins and three defeats, which might skyrocket in the next few days if they are successful against Mississippi and Arkansas. 

Tennessee Volunteers 

Tennessee made an entry last NCAA season in the Sweet 16. They faced Purdue and lost to a 99-94 game run. However, this team is getting back on track today as they are on the third seed at SEC with six wins and four losses. Yesterday, they quashed the Wildcats scoring  82 over 71.  On Thursday, they are up to face Georgia and LSU this weekend. 

Arkansas Razorbacks

Occupying a fourth place in the SEC ranking are the Arkansas Razorbacks. Last week, they overpowered the Mississippi ending the match to a 61-45. It is why they are settling at the fourth seed in the SEC with six wins and four losses. This Sunday, they will face Missouri and have to hustle against Kentucky by Wednesday. 

Florida Gators 

Presently earning six wins and four losses, the Florida Gators occupy the 5th spot at SEC ranking. A few days ago, they vanquished West Virginia but then got defeated by South Carolina.  This Sunday, Florida will wrestle Texas A&M as well as Arkansas. 

LSU Tigers 

LSU appeared in the Sweet 16 last season, but MI State denied their Elite Eight entrance. As the NCAA comes in a few weeks, LSU joined the SEC odds ranking taking the 6th place. They presently earned six wins after defeating the Texas A&M. On Thursday, they will fight the Mississippi St and Tennessee. 

Georgia Bulldogs

Garnering five victories and six losses, Georgia Bulldogs is also doing great at SEC. This school has missed entering the NCAA for the past few years, and they are looking to end that this year. In fact, Georgia won their last three games against Mississippi, Auburn, and Vanderbilt. In the next few days, they are up for another challenge against Tennessee and Alabama. 

Mississippi (Ole Miss Rebels) 

Headed to the NCAA First Round last year but was upset by Liberty. Mississippi aims for another chance at 2021 March Madness, which they now take the 8th seed at SEC. They earned five wins and six losses. In the next three days, they are facing Missouri and South Carolina. 

Mississippi State Bulldogs 

Taking the 9th spot in the SEC ranking are the Mississippi State Bulldogs. They also got five wins and six defeats. They lost to Arkansas in the first week of February but bounced back a day after against South Carolina.

Kentucky Wildcats 

Taking the final place in the SEC odds ranking today is the Kentucky Wildcats. This team had almost reached the 2019 NCAA semis but lost to Auburn during the Elite Eight. Presently, Kentucky had earned four wins and six defeats. On the weekend, they are wrestling against Arkansas and Auburn. 


With fourteen collegiate members, the Southeastern Conference is one of the most successful groups in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Last season, they sent many competitive schools, and Auburn has reached the Elite Eight. 

Today, this conference does not let their win streak slip away by giving another powerhouse cast of best teams in their seeding odds this FanDuel March Madness season.

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