2014 Donor Drive

From Association for Science in Autism Treatment

This fundraising drive helps support our ongoing efforts to support individuals with Autism and their families in accessing science based services and providers.

Association for Science in Autism Treatment

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How Your Donations Help Us

Since autism was first identified, there has been a long history of failed treatments and fads, levied on vulnerable individuals as well as on their families. From the scandal of the “refrigerator mother” theory, to the ongoing parade of “miracle cures” and “magical breakthroughs,” the autism community has been distracted by improbable theories about causation and treatments and parents and other providers have been distracted by a dizzying array of marketing ploys. As a result, individuals with autism have been denied the opportunity to realize their fullest potential.  

Since ASAT was established in 1998, it has been our goal to work toward adopting higher standards of accountability for the care, education, and treatment of all individuals with autism. We promote safe, effective, science-based treatments for people with autism by disseminating accurate, timely, and scientifically sound information; advocating for the use of scientific methods to guide treatment; and combating unsubstantiated, inaccurate and false information about autism and its treatment. Help us disseminate accurate, science-based treatment information with your donation today! Your donations will be used to:

  • Develop a pediatrician awareness campaign to inform doctors about autism and research-supported educational treatments so their recommendations are guided by the best available science;
  • Expand our presence internationally to reach global communities and families who have little support for evidence-based autism treatment;
  • Widen our impact on the media’s portrayal of autism and its treatment by creating materials to disseminate to journalists about effective autism treatments and appropriate ways to communicate with a global audience; and
  • Continue our efforts to focus on evaluating efficacy of and disseminating information about treatment and services across the lifespan.


Who are we?

ASAT is a not-for-profit organization of parents and professionals committed to improving the education, treatment, and care of people with autism. Our board of directors and advisory board are comprised of parents of individuals with autism and highly trained professionals and practitioners working in multiple disciplines, such as pediatricians, scientists, academicians, clinicians, educators, speech therapists, and financial experts. We also have dozens of additional volunteers who work tirelessly to support our mission. Collectively, we have hundreds of years of experience and training related to autism treatment. ASAT has the expertise to disseminate sound recommendations, share resources, and make a difference in the lives of individuals with autism and their families.

ASAT 2014 Highlights

Published numerous Media Watch letters in response to news articles and broadcasts related to autism treatment.

Increased our use of social media to reach families and professionals (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Fundly) including over 8,500 Facebook "likes" and 1,000 followers on Twitter.

Increased Science in Autism Treatment (SIAT) newsletter subscriptions to over 10,000 individuals with representation from 99 countries.

Launched a comprehensive, new website in the fall.

    For more information, visit  http://asatonline.org/

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