18 yrs old and homeless

18 yrs old and homeless

From Rebecca Gayhart

Im raising money to put down for an apartment. You know the usual first and last months rent plus security deposit. I just want to be able to get my family in a safe place and together again so we can get back on track.

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So latley things couldnt be going worse. Well let me start from the begining I had recently got evicted  and it wasnt that much of a surprise to me at this point since my mom passed away 7 years ago when i was 11 and my dad had to step in and take care of me and my sister we have been evicted numerous times either our rent would get raised or our neighbors harassed us and complained about us until they made the land lord kick us out no matter what it could have been there was always something making things hard and not to many people wanted to rent to my dad because we moved to concord ma for the better schools or whatever and my dad was a veteran with the VA giving him rent assistance and you dont see people on section 8 to frequently in this area. But the VA said this was it they said this was our last chance and that they would no longer help my dad because we have been evicted again and now that I turned 18 nobody will help me because I'm considered an adult.  Me my sister and my dad have three cats and a dog all together we've had them in the family since my mom was alive so they are really hard to try to separate from.  We have lived in tents with these pets and  motels and pretty much any place we could find. Right now my dad is in a shelter in Boston my sister is leaving with her psycho boyfriend who is on probation for hitting her and she has her 2 cats and our dog and I have been staying with my boyfriend at his parents house with my cat well up until now because of course it gets worse. This weekend My boyfriend got arrested for no reason basically just because me and him were arguing and his parents called the cops and they needed to arrest somebody. With all of the stress on the both of us latley we were both kind of easily agitated and having a shitty argument isn't a good reason for me to understand why he had to be taken away from me when he is pretty much one of the only reasons I have to live right now.   And now he is in jail and I just miss him and I need his help. I bearly get to talk to him and I know he is probably depressed spending 22 hours a day in a cell and i feel guilty for feeling bad for myself right now thinking Im going to have to deal with this all alone when hes in a worse situation than I am in at this point. And his bail is 500 dollars which Im sure I would be able to get together in the next few weeks but we just moved out her a month ago and all's i got going for me is a crappy minimum wage job at a supermarket and I can bearly afford to take care of myself and my cat with the money I make. Never mind support myself try to save up money for bail and a security deposit plus first and last months rent and then trying to keep a small amount of money on the phone just to be able to talk to one of the most important if not the most important person in my life. And I also don't understand why if I'm not pressing charges and I don't feel unsafe at all and never  have for the past 2 years I've been dating him why I should need to  spend so much money just to get him back because I can't do this alone. Alls I'm asking for is some help in this really unbearably stressful time anything would help lift a little of this weight off of my shoulders and help me get my life on track and if I manage to make it through this I would be happy to pay it forward to those in need. Thank you for taking the time to read this and understand my situation and if your in a position where you can help that would be great and if your struggling yourself I hope you get through this not so great chapter of your life to see much better days.

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