18 yr old starting my own company in ballistic protection

18 yr old starting my own company in ballistic protection

From Christof Garrett

I am creating my company for body armor and other armor systems and need money to make it on an industrial scale. I hope to one day supply the US military and eventually my companies PMC troops with the same gear.

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About me & my Company 

I am a young entrepreneur who has a dream of owning a PMC dedicated to the protection of humanity and the advancements in biomedical science and engineering as well as colonization of other planets, ensuring the survival and prosperity of the human race. Currently I plan to start my company as a body armor company and quickly advance into developing the best exoskeleton technology and advanced prosthetic to get injured veterans back in the fight, as well as providing a better future for humanity. You may be wondering how I will do that, here's how. By creating my own body armor I can guarantee that years down the line of my company being created that my personnel whether it be security for your local bank, local EMS, your nations troops, or even our own troops protecting earth and her colonies that they will be wearing the best protective systems that exist. We are the way forward, we are humanity's iron shield. 

What will the money be used for? For a start a small portion will be put into branding our company and getting a website. For the rest, it will be used for research into body armor materials and composites and production to get our name out there. None of this money will be used as marketing, that all will come out of my own pocket. 

What it means to me and who it would help. It would mean everything to me for your support. I know this sounds like a grab for money but if I wanted money I could do YouTube or social media. But I don't because I want to make a difference in the world and use my mind to help others and protect humanity. I've been a part of stem for most of my childhood and understand its the future but not in the way we look at it right now. Imagine , one day your troops can be deployed and not have to fear for their safety because they are wearing the best protection, imagine one day soldiers who have been injured by the violence of war can become whole again and stronger and faster than they ever were before. One day when all the resources of this planet are used up humanity will not fall and we will thrive as we the Global Advanced Armories have paved that road. 

As far as a time frame the last thing I will spend it on is branding as I see it is more important to make the best armor and design that.

Please feel free to contact me at gaa.co@outlook.com 

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