16-month-old boy with retinal cancer

16-month-old boy with retinal cancer

From Nguyen Duy Khanh

i'm raising for 16-month-old boy with retinal cancer

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Introducing Hai Au Trang Volunteer Club

The Hai Au Trang Volunteer Club was founded by the youths of Thien Tam heart, always wanted to help poor and disadvantaged families, in life.

In the spirit of mutual affection, healthy leaves protect torn leaves, the club is always ready to share and help. Looking forward to helping disadvantaged people in Vietnam. The Hai Au Volunteer Club page needs your help

We need your help in this case:


The boy kept crying. The eye must be scooped up for a long time, it must be causing me a lot of pain ... At the age of more than 16 months, I have brought in my own evil retina cancer. Not knowing what to do to save her child, the young mother could only hold the baby tightly in her lap, but her liver was broken ...

Department of Pediatrics, Tan Trieu K3 hospital, one gloomy I met that poor young mother. Looking at the emaciated, emaciated little woman before her eyes, no one thought she was 28 years old. I must have been awake all night with my child, in my mother's hand, he was still in pain. The cries of screaming tear the hearts of innocent children, making it difficult for anyone to hold their hearts.

Do not hide feelings of sympathy, Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuy - CTXH hospital room, shared: "Looking at the boy is painful, everyone feels tight. It is known that she has very bad circumstances, she has to give up her whole life to care for her child, if she keeps going like this forever, her mother will be exhausted ... We also feel very sorry, CTXH Office has tried to create all conditions Let your baby be treated in a positive and continuous way. ”

Crying for a while, the boy collapsed on his mother's shoulder. Hugging the baby tightly in her heart, the poor mother choked her voice: "After a few days of Tet, I saw that my eyes had blood stains and the white pupils grew bigger, at night I saw them like cat eyes. Too much, I took him to the doctor, the doctor concluded that his child had retinal cancer. He was hospitalized for surgery to scoop out his right eye. I can't believe he has cancer.

Giving away her tears, the young mother continued to talk to us about her life which had been unfortunate since her childhood and her difficult marriage. Born into a poor family in the Duy Tien sunken area, Ha Nam province, he experienced a miserable childhood.

After finishing high school, poor female student Vu Thi Hong Thao passed the entrance exam to the Hanoi Pedagogical University, and dreamed of being burned as a teacher. In order to have money to cover the years of study in the city, Thao has to study as tutor. The year when I graduated from university, my beloved mother "left" after many years of struggling with illness.

Unable to get a job in any high school, to live, Thao asked to work as a worker in Dong Van industrial zone, then worked as a delivery worker ... Here, I met and quickly fell in love. with a boy from Thai Binh in the same situation ... A year after the wedding, Pham Tuan Anh boy was born, the life of the young couple, despite many difficulties, was filled with laughter of children ...

Quitting my job, hugging my child in Hanoi in a mood of melancholy and confusion because I didn't feel like I was alive anymore, but the sacred motherhood helped Thao to overcome, had the strength to take me through hospitals. Through surgery to remove one eye from the Central Eye Hospital, Tuan Anh is being treated at Tan Trieu K3 Hospital.

Talking about Tuan Anh's current condition, Dr. Hoang Thu Trang is the direct doctor of the child's treatment, said: “Tuan Anh has P retinal cancer, surgery to remove the right eyeball at the hospital Central eyes, after surgery surgery: u invade the front room and the market. Indications for chemical treatment reduce the risk of relapse and metastasis. However, the risk of recurrence and metastasis although active surgical and chemical treatment is about 50% ”.

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