15 Strikes Of Cancer

15 Strikes Of Cancer

From Constance Smith

HELP ME BEAT THIS MESS Once and For All! I’m raising money to fly to natural cancer natural alternative center and will take TWO WOMEN in remission with me at the facility. NO more strikes--just stroke of good health!

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I am a single mother with 2 sons; one of whom is mildly autistic I also have 2 grandsons. The oldest grandson is betwixt and between what direction his life should point. I am saddened at times that perhaps God will not extend to me the same amount of years as he did with Hezekiah (15 years ). Even half the years I’m cool with.

I talk to God daily praying for my family, friends and the disposition of the world. I try NOT to ask him for the same thing over and over. To me this reveals a lack of faith. He listens, hears and will answer in his time, Yes or No.

I have in my mind the amount of years I believe I will need to ensure my son is cognizant of what life requires for survival and how to determine people's motives, gravitate towards a loving, supportive group of friends. It is my belief that he will continue to lean upon God for guidance and return from time to time to read and apply Proverbs when questioning life. But I've learned "His Will Be Done, Not Mine's".

I would like to believe that my unwavering faith aligns itself to the scripture: Isaiah 40:31 “They That Wait Upon The Lord, Shall Renew Their Strength, They Shall Mount Up With Wings of Eagles, They Shall Run and Not Be Weary Walk Faint.”

I went hmmm when my Sunday Bible Class topic was from Luke 1:26-35 which was written by retired minister David L. Lane. Dr. Lane tagged it "When Blessings Look Like Burdens".

I received a used vehicle from my son October 2018. It was indeed a blessing YET I soon realized with that blessing came a burden. The burden of unexpected future expenses like gasoline, oil change, tires, maintenance and more.

It's not like I have a constant flow of income. Once this vicious disease reared its ugly head, I realized I wouldn’t be able to work even part-time because scans, blood work, and other cancer related or questionable ailments that prevent consistent availability to work.

When the holy spirit spoke into my soul that I needed to stop chemo after the 3 treatment, I believed it. I began Sept. 2015 juicing, detoxing, drinking Essiac Tea and moving around more. I remained in remission 3 months shy of 3 years.

To be honest, my pocketbook was the halting force to the roll I was on. 3 chemo treatments began July/Aug/Sept. 2018. And again the holy spirit whispered “You know you gonna have to stop these treatments. Nothing but poison. Besides that each month something new pops up and what you’ve received in the past compares to nothing that’s happening. You’ve never had sugar to spike to 263; blood pressure that won’t go down; and a blood clot in the left leg. Don’t take any more chances. Door Number 4 (chemo treatment 4) might leave you in a tailspin.”

I chose to stop. The oncologist I had at the time continually asked me if I wanted another treatment October, November, December. Once I reached the age that Medicare would be part of my health insurance, I returned back to M.D. Anderson in Houston seeking to see my Lymphoma Family again, and have my doctor give me a good once over.

I am proud, blessed and a believer again that God has spared me. I was told that I would need to return in perhaps 4-6 months. He thought I needed a biopsy but I prayed it wouldn’t be necessary; I didn’t feel that a biopsy would be necessary. When Dr. Fayad (Houston) telephoned me that was the sweetest call ever! This was further confirmation that God wanted me to stop. I also know that I must be able to financially eat, sleep, exercise and take care of myself henceforth now and forever more. (smile)

Remarkably my Dallas oncologist implied that she had not received any electronic data about my visit to Houston. She also sounded somewhat perplexed that M.D. Anderson didn’t administer any chemo. And I was shocked and disappointed when I heard these words: “Er sweetie would like to have chemo treatment?” HUH!? Before I left out of the office she offered me the option of receiving chemo. And I emphatically said “No” and left. It was at that point I chose to locate another oncologist. If M.D. Anderson saw no reason for chemo, why would I be asked to get treatment? Surely not for good measure because chemo simply halts the cancer for a minute. I don’t have a minute to play with.

Collected funds will be to initially purchase a round trip ticket to receive holistic alternative therapy, buy food while I'm at the facility which will teach me the nutritional value. It will instill importantly, how to eat to live, receive an Integrative Medicine  certification to become an active advocate in church and community. A percentage will be donated to organizations that are helping to educate people about cancer and the natural healing of the body.

I want people to become excited about LIVE food and not processed junk.

I really didn't like realizing I had developed a blood clot. Cancer victims are highly prone to clots. To date I'm unable to wear cute sandals, dainty stylish shoes because right now i'm stuck wearing compression hose which SUCK!

But again Blessings and Burdens: Blessed that the clot has dissolved BUT burdened with the fact that I must wear those old school marm looking socks for another 1.5 months because of the plane trip.

Now comes the Blessing to receive natural treatments BUT the burden of keeping myself financially sound to do what I must to be that living testimony for God!

You know how some people said there feet are dog tired? Well the blood clot caused my feet to look like The Hulk. They are relatively back to normal now! Check them out, Ain't that a mess?

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