140 Business Books for 14,000,000 Unemployed

140 Business Books for 14,000,000 Unemployed

From Hovey Smith

This Pilot Program is for the distribution of 140 free copies of "Create Your Own Job: Anytime, Anywhere, At Any Age" to non-profit organizations.

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The 14 for 14 Project

140 How-To Business Books for 14,000,000 Unemployed and Underemployed


Layoffs and business closures caused by the Corona Virus added to the ongoing loss of jobs due to re-alinements in retail trade, the export of jobs abroad, factory closings, automation, falling college enrollment, and technological obsolescence have varied from a high of over 20,000,000 in April, 2020, to 10,400,000 in December of 2020 and may peak again at about 14,000,000 in the U.S. before vaccines are fully distributed. The 14 for 14 Project is a pilot program that seeks to place 140 comprehensive business books into the hands of the unemployed by donating them to the nation’s libraries, homeless shelters, and non-profit support organizations to encourage entrepreneurial activities. If the pilot program is successful, it can be scaled-up to meet demand. The amount of money sought for the pilot program is $2,400, and donners of $15.00 or more will receive signed copies of the book.

Make Your Own Job: Anytime, Anywhere, At Any Age is a new comprehensive business book written for those with no previous business experience who are being forced to discover ways to earn money to support themselves and their families. This need is not restricted to any age group and includes everyone from teenagers to senior citizens along with those who are still in their prime working years. Particularly vulnerable groups are women, people of color, the disabled, caretakers, workers in their 50s, and those in the service industries. Many are also additionally burdened with home child care or caring for sick or disabled relatives. They badly need dependable income sources that they can generate from home. Governmental and non-profit organizations are attempting to help and providing these organizations with a free resource to show their clients how they can earn additional income is likely to be a welcome addition to their services. This is the premise that will be tested during this pilot program.

During the pilot period, national non-profit organizations such as the Salvation Army will be contacted to see if they would like to participate and any other organizations who would like to receive books will be invited to join the program. Demand may outstrip funding, and if so, additional appeals for funds will be launched. The books will be produced by Spark-Ingram, a print-on-demand publisher that can produce as many books as are funded. The book is now available on Amazon and other book resources worldwide as a softcover, inexpensive e-book, and as an audio book. The book will be shipped in softcover, although a hardcover version could be produced at additional costs, if sufficient demand is generated.

The author, Wm. Hovey Smith, holds degrees from two U.S. Universities, studied at two more, and participated in 17 different work and professional activities during his life. As a boy he did yard work and sold pecans for extra income as well as worked in grocery stores. At university he became a Professional Geologist and then a Combat Engineer Officer in the U.S. Army. In the meantime, he became a magazine writer and book author, specializing in outdoor topics. As his work as a Geologist was often restricted to the summer months, he wrote during the winter ultimately writing more than 20 books. He also became an Information Scientist for a multinational company, and after that job ended he did podcast radio and produced more than 850 YouTube videos. His present activities include working on a novel, Father of the Grooms, which has been published as a first draft edition and a screenplay based on the novel. These diverse activities made him uniquely qualified to write a diversified business book based on his experiences in the arts, sciences, and industry.   

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